I am a young aspiring photographer. I have put together this online portfolio to showcase some of my best work from various projects. I also have a small photography business, Pixie Green Photography, where I shoot for families, events and hobbies such as dance.


“By creating characters I become them. By creating stories I live them. It’s a fantasy world that helps liven up my otherwise stressful life.” - Sarah Ann Loreth

Imagined worlds come to life through photographs. A series of images showing various FAIRY TALE stories such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood.


"Creating beautiful and abstract images intrigues me” - Andreas Poupoutsis

Translucent materials showing the evil behind the good. The frustration and anger of being trapped behind a happy facade.


"Your passion, your vision and your self belief will all contribute to developing your own style." - Adam Burton

Borders are all around us, you just need to look at the smaller details to notice them.

Modern Fashion

Shadows and Silhouettes

"Who are we behind the masks that personify ourselves?" - Andreas Poupoutsis

The silhouette of someone is only half of who they really are, people only show what they want you to see, not their whole self.

Created By
Katie O'Leary


Katie O'Leary, Pixie Green Photography

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