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Description of good

This is bed is under the country/coastal styled collection from Snooze. This bed comes in many different sizes such as: Single, King single, Double, Queen and King. The bed is easy to assemble with clear instructions to follow, if this is too difficult, Snooze offers an assembly service. I will be buying this bed in a size double. This bed is a combination of Hardwood and veneers.

This products main features are:
  • Driftwood
  • A soft, distressed look
  • The use of neural tones
  • Whitewash texture
  • Timber accents
  • Size (double bed)
Close-up on wood texture and examples of neutral colours

What key factors affected your choice of the good?

This bed is from snooze and snooze generally has good reviews, I have bought a bed from snooze before, It has been great and has lasted me for a very long time. It is very comfortable and fits well into my bedroom. Snooze gives you good deals and offers for the price of products. In the shop, Snooze beds are displayed with their own beddings which compliments the beds and makes it easy to purchase if you see one you like. Another factor that influenced my decision towards the good was, the quality of the product. This bed is great quality and will last you for a long time if you look after it correctly and follow the care instructions.
where will your buy your good from?

I will buy my product from Home HQ in Artarmon. This is because Home HQ is a convenient place to buy large pieces of furniture from, as there is a diverse range of shops to fit your preference. Home HQ also has various other shops to buy accessorise for your product from, for example, pillow talk sells bedding, pillows, throw blankets and room decorations. Home HQ is also a convenient place for me to shop from where I live.

Company Logo
Home HQ Artarmon

Methods of payment

Discussion on methods of payment

As seen in the table, these methods of payments have some similar pros. These include it's connivence and not having to carry around cash. However, credit cards and debit cards have very different cons. On a credit card, the bank gives you a limit on how much you can spend. On the other hand, a debit cards only limit is how much you choose to put on the card, because it is your money. A debit card can be difficult to maintain a spending limit, to some extent. This is because if you only put a small amount of money on the card you only have a small limit so it is hard to overspend. Although, if you put majority of your money on this debit card is it difficult to control your spending. A credit card has a spending limit that has been put on by the bank, based on your income. This is more difficult to overspend because you have a strict limit and end up having to pay the bank back, so generally wouldn't spend more than you can afford.

Which method will you use and why?

I will use a Debit card to purchase my good. This is because I do not earn an income as I do not have a job. If I were to use a credit card I would have to pay the bank back each month and I cannot. Therefore, a debit card is more convenient for me as it allows me to access my savings and it controls how much I spend (because of how much is on the card) so I do not overspend.

Consumer redress flowchart



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