Owen Hand AP Studio Art Portfolio 2020-2021

In elementary school, I always enjoyed art but it wasn’t until eighth grade that I began to portray my surroundings through a creative lens. Building on this interest, my sophomore visual arts class featured several sketchbook assignments. In these assignments, I often used mathematical calculations and precise measurements to meet my standards of accurate representation. With math being my biggest academic interest, this discovery between the connections of measurement and artistic portrayal piqued my interest. After focusing on realistic portrayals of still lives, I began exploring other, looser representations of images in the world around me.

I’ve lived on a farm for over a decade now, but I often find myself not appreciating my beautiful surroundings. Most days, I drive by cows, sheep, donkeys, pigs, and chickens without giving them much attention. Through my sustained investigation, my vision has changed. I now look at my farm animals with a new perspective— seeing them as if I am viewing them for the first time. My development as an artist and the acquiring of different techniques has enabled me to represent the characteristics of farm animals, or at least my perspective of them. With this in mind, I began investigating animal portraiture. After starting with stoic, formal representations, I turned to a fauvist palette that further reflects the wide variations of my animals’ characteristics.

"Arnold" Oil Pastel on toned paper 11” x 13.5"
"Jane and Friends" Oil Pastel on toned paper, 15" x 5"
"Highland Cattle" Oil Pastel on toned paper, 12" x 4"
"The Bull" Oil Pastel on toned paper, 13.25" x 10.5"
"Gloom" Oil Pastel on toned paper, 16" x 22"
"Black Sheep, Literally" Oil Pastel on toned paper, 12" x 14"
"Chicken Scratch" Oil Pastel on charcoal paper, 18.5" x 10.75"
"Vigilance" Oil Pastel on printed image, 10.75" x 13.75"
"Fauvist Donkey" Oil Pastel on toned paper, 11" x 16"
Created By
Owen Hand