The Tyrant's Daughter J.C. cARleson

The overall place or location of the book is in suburbs of Washington D.C. I imagine it to be present day Washington D.C.
So far in the book, Laila spends most of her time at her high school. The school has a gym that's probably not big enough for the students to be in without being shoved against each other.
My novel takes place during current time. It makes me feel as I can relate time to time on how Laila is feeling. Since she is going through school there is some challenges she faces and I can sometimes feel like, "Oh, yeah that happened to me too!"

I imagine it to be a bit cold since Washington is on a higher altitude. I think it would be a cold during the morning and be a bit chilly during the day and at night it's cold again.

The population is probably crowded. With Laila's school and all the students and teachers there. As well as the residents in Laila's apartment. The kids that are also in Laila's little brother's class. I imagine that Laila lives in a busy place.
The mini-dress Laila is forced into when she reluctance goes to the dance with her friends, Emmy, Morgan, and Tori. If it was during a older time, I doubt girls Laila's age would wear something that exposing. If it was in the future, then I would guess that it would be more high tech or maybe a brand style dress.
As of right now, I think the mood is confusing because Laila is trying to adapt to her new surroundings but is struggling to decide what side she wants to choose. Let her be swept away by the American culture or stay true to her home culture.
The setting affects how the story is going because at her school Laila made friends that had slowly changing Laila into the American culture. She also meets Ian who somewhat affects her decision on going to the dance.


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