Science 2016 - 2017 Chisholm trail middle school

Many words can describe how fun Science is, even though it can get tricky sometimes, especially when you have to write formulas. But, Science can be really fun and challenging. Somethings I really wanted to do during Science are - Dissecting frogs, Planting a flower or a plant of some sort, maybe even did a bug hunt ( hunt for bugs outside and try to research what kind of bug they are and its scientific name ).

These are a favorite to any Science lab!!

Mrs. Greene is an excellent science teacher that teaches any subject very specifically. My favorite subject this year was learning about the Earth, and all its layers as well as gravity.

This a picture from a Japanese satellite of Earth.

Pretty much I've had a blast this year in Science. I just don't wanna go to 7th grade cause it will be harder :0 My favorite lab we've done all year was the rocket lab, which we started at the beginning of the year, we got to build our own rockets with real engines. I had a BLAST (get it?) this year in science, even though it was challenging it was fun.


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