Themes of Whirligig A fiction book by paul fleischman (Project by Ross Reid)

There are many themes from the book Whirligig. The first important theme is Actions Have Consequences. This relates to the real world beacuase people make mistakes or they hurt somebody. Even if someone does something bad, they could have been going through a rough time, so don't be the consequence, let someone they know or trust deeply help them. They may not be in the best mood

Brent has to travel the entire United States having to build Whirligigs on all corners of the Country. Brent killed Lea Zamora by crashing his car, and had to make it up to her parents by building Whirligigs at the four corners of the United States. Brent goes to Weeksboro, Maine, San Diego, California, Miami, Florida, and Bellevue, Washington.,

This theme relates to me because in school, I know that if I or anyone does anything bad, they get in trouble. (Their consequence)

The second theme of Whirligig is to always think of things in your own way. Brent's whirligigs are all based on somthing in his life. Brent bases every single one of them on something that he has expirenensed.

This theme relates to the real world because everyone is their own person. Yet, many people still try to fit into a crowd. This theme can help many people want to stand out more.

This theme relates to me because I like to make up stories and write them down. This connects to the theme because the theme is about making things up and making them yourself. (my stories)

The third theme is Family. In the chapter Bellevue, Washington, Tony (Anthony) sees that his family is trying to help him, not hur him. This shows him what he need to be thankful for the things he has instead of hating the things he doesn't have.

This theme relates to the real world because people always want to be something more. People always want to be connected to others who they like or love to make sure they are ok. With family there is always someone for you to go back to if your sad.

This theme relates to me because I (have a family, but) have a family that is always supporting my decisions. Family is important to me because they are people you can always go to if your hurt.

The fourth theme is Growing for past, and learning for the future. This relates to the book from Steph and Alexandria in the chapter, Weeksboro, Maine. Steph and Alexandria are trying to manipulate their present so the future will be bett for them.

This theme relates to the real world because of mistakes everyone has made. People always make mistakes that people refuse to forget. This theme shows how people try to change things that they don't like. (Like what you have, want nothing)

This theme relates to me because I can remember times when I was younger and I had to learn form the mistakes I made. Growth is important to me, also because it helps people learn more about the world around them.

The fifth and final theme is friendship. This relates to the book because of Steph and Alexandra as well. This is because they are such good friends and they are tryin to help eachother.

This theme relates to the real world because everyone has friends, but you need friends that you can trust. Friends must always be people that you can go to if your hurt and help you if you need it. People always have friends that they can't trust, but some friends can be forever and there is nothing better then not being alone.

This theme relates to me because I hate being alone. Being alone to me is worse then being stuck in a dark forest with anyone. Friendship to me is one of the most important things that Wirligig teaches the reader.

The book Whirligig has many great themes, and many of them spread. This book will be remembered by many and can help many with its themes. Anyone can be having a hard time, so try to make them happy even if they don't want to talk about it. There is always someone you can help, even if they say they don't need support.


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