BSD BATTLESHIP By: Nicholas king

STEM Level two Air cannon project, Today we started on a journey to see who could design and construct the best Air cannon. We are table two, and this is our story!

These are the materials we were given, They are fair and we will eventually use them all.
These are the strict requirements our design had to meet.

We started the project with the design phase, With design phase came some unorthodox ideas.

After a few trials and errors, Our groups finally found the design we enjoyed, So it was time to start designing and brainstorm problems we may face with this design.

These are the parts we created in CAD.

We finally finished perfecting our master piece, As we prepare to cut on a later date.

This is our base made out, these are all the key components.

We needed to find a way to support the cannon, We did some thinking and decided to use a box support. The box support would be a good idea and would provide good support for the project.

Adjusting the box pieces to be cut out on the laser.

After being arranging the box and preparing it, It was time to cut on the laser.

This is the box support being cut out on the Laser.

After we initially design our base and support, we ventured off into working with the Arduino.

We were tasked with making a fire system with the Arduino, We wouldnt end up using this in our final prototype.

After spending time with arduino, We went back to the initial project and started construction of the basic air cannon everyone is using.

Cutting PVC down to size
Sealing the caps onto the cannon, Whilst attaching the valve!

Eventually it was time to cut the base we were working on for months on end out on the shopbot.

This is our completed air cannon, It met my expectations but I am disappointed we did not successfully create a way to secure the elevation.

Now with a completed air cannon, We were tasked with testing and playing with our cannon.

These are the data we got from test. I take from this our design is consistent but we did not make the distance I would of wanted.

This is my group evaluation sheet

In the end I wish we would of designed a better way to hold elevations, this was one key fault to our design. As well as we with our air cannon we rushed and make a key mistake by building it on the opposite side. That mistake would not come back to hurt us, but it still shows we rushed and did not pay attention to detail.


Created with images by diveofficer - "USS Texas - gun deck"

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