Environmental Concerns By: Lauren Gullion

Air pollution is an increasing issue in today's society. As found on National Geographic, the effects of air pollution that is originally caused by too many interactions with chemicals, is coming back to severely harm humans. Many people have spiked in rates of asthma, and other breathing problems have been rising as well. Actions need to be taken against air pollution and they are easy to do, as they include recycling, purchasing clean cars, and burning less fossil fuels.

It is found that great amounts of mercury are being put out into the atmosphere by burning coal and from large factories. These rising levels of mercury have added to the devastation of people getting poisoning from fish that they eat. Eating contaminated fish is the number one cause of mercury exposure in America. It has been such a rising issue that more than 75,000 babies are born each year with a greater risk of learning disabilities because of their mothers’ mercury exposure.

The Safe Drinking Water Act is a current proposition underway that is trying to prevent the components in water that “can be traced to causing cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.” This issue is relevant to everyone in the state of California because if these measures are not passed to cleansing drinking water, then our citizens will be in danger. This act also informs people of how harmful these chemicals can be. In order to change the circumstances of these unhealthy chemicals in drinking water, this act will need to be passed.

Many issues still are results from burning fossil fuels and other harmful chemicals that are being outputted into our world. It is important to try and watch the amount of energy that we are consuming and putting into our environment because it has led to the ozone layers being extremely depleted.

To learn more about the top hazards and ways that our environment is being negatively impacted, a video is linked below. It is extremely important for people to being to take action and inform themselves fully as well as others of the things that we are doing to our world.





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