John Wilkes Booth By:Robert gibson

Childhood and more

John Wilks Booth, probably sounds familiar right? Booth was born on May 10th of 1838. Booth was shot dead on April 26th 1860 at only 27 years old. His title was a southern actor and "the man who shot Abraham Lincoln".


Booth grew up in Bel Air Maryland. Before the Civil War, Booth played a very important role in politics. John's family members were actors and he decided to be one too. Booth was "following in his father's footsteps".


John was not a "war hero". If Booth was anything, he was an "after war villain". Booth was "anti Lincoln" and did not want him as president. In conclusion, Booth and some other people made plans to kidnap Lincoln. When those plans failed, Booth decided to assasinate the president Lincoln.

Seven Habits

John began with the end in mind, but in a bad way. John had to make plans to assasinate Lincoln without getting caught, and probably killed.

Fun facts

A fun fact about booth is he died when he was only 27. It is unclear if he was shot by Boston Corbette or if he had commited suicide. John was the 9th (ninth) out of 10 (ten) children (kids).

Created By
Robert Gibson

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