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In late 2016 I acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Animation and Digital Media. Previous to that I studied at the studios of South Bank Institute of Technology where I finished an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media (Animation). In my early endeavors with animation I had come to realize my passion lied in the visual development.

Building on my strong visual design and animation capacity, I have been improving programming skills, especially in (HTML, CSS (including svg technology), and Javascript). My aim is to marry my skills with a wide range of publications. Including animation and illustration for ebooks, editorials, essays, blogs, and websites.

Click the link above to my Codepen for extra projects.

UX Design


My experience brewing new animation projects with clients begin with an objective. What the piece is to achieve, is it explainer, informative, storytelling, pitching, inspiring? Establishing the audience we are aiming to interest, and the storytelling/design aspects to enable active participation. Deciding the mode of platform for the viewers. If there will be music and/or narrative. When the brief is visualized, the client prepares a script, and a simple storyboard as a guide.

Week 1 - exploration of the layout and design of frames. Establishing the video's pace with in animatic. An animatic is a mockup of the final product, organizing storyboard frames and camera movements in time with music/narrative. This mock video is sent to the client for approval for comment on more refining. In juxtaposition to the design of the animatic, weekly project milestones are organised so to manage my workload. As an example I will share the animatic of "Elijah's Story", in the video below. for another example follow this link

Week 2 - The following tasks focus solely on look development, (color, shapes, balance). Creating all characters, and designing landscapes/backgrounds. As well as prepping designs for rigging. Each development was reviewed by the client, from sketch to finer details. In this case Elijah's design was also seen over by Elijah himself.

Elijah, the main character.

Week 3 - consisted of adjusting file formates, layer names, organizing layers promptly for the rigging discourse. Rigging was implemented through the plugin 'Duik' using Adobe's After Effects. On the side, modeling and animation began in 3D using Cinema4D.

Week 4 - the final week was dedicated to character animation and setting up each shot's landscapes and camera operation.

Week 5 - Post production including searching and acquiring the right music with commercial license, while rendering each shot individually, and before long marrying the shots together and designing subtitles. Ready to ship.

Week 6 - The last 2 weeks in this case involved a lot of to and fro with the client. In a perfect world plans in preproduction would be solidified. But there always has to be room for changes. Adjustments to the script, extending or shortening shots, recompiling to lastly re-rendering.


Book Illustration

Character Design





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