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  • About Us
  • Introduction To The Project
  • Client Brief
  • Proposed Overview
  • Entity's
  • Relationship Overview
  • Data Base Mapping & Attributes
  • Other futures & Business rules
  • Implementation Time
  • Assumptions
  • Any Questions?

About Us

At Kag software we have a combined experience of over six years developing amazing systems to support our customers needs.Over that time we have developed systems for many difference components including a butcher,baker and candle-stick maker.

We pride that our systems are:

  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Valve for money

Project Introduction


Our task was to design a data model for a database application system to be used in a mid-sized health insurance company called HealthOne

As the company is deeply involved in the medical industry it is vital that it has access to a large amount of information regarding their clients, ranging from Name and Address to Primary Doctor and Medical History

Eventually the proposed database will be used to keep track of trends in the industry to help model further business rules using the accumulated data. While the database has only currently been modeled in English, multiple-language support is planned.

Client Brief

The database is required to keep track of health claims, including: Patient Information, Doctor Information, Information on Patient Visits to their doctor and any Prescription Drugs prescribed to patients.

Patient Information must include Name, Address and Contact Info but also must include Primary Doctor and Insurance Info.

Doctor Information must include a specialty and Hospitals with which they are Affiliated, as well as basic information like Name and Address.

Prescriptions given to each patient by a health-care provider need to be tracked in this database at this time as to determine claim eligibility and as to make sure there are no conflicts with other prescriptions. Prescription Information must include Name, Use and Side Effects.

From the project brief the database will have the following key functionality:

  • Store/retrieve patent information
  • Store/retrieve insurance for family's
  • Store/retrieve medical history
  • Store/retrieve primary doctor
  • Store/retrieve hospitals relating to the doctor
  • Store/retrieve drugs/prescriptions
  • Store/retrieve new cases/follow ups

Proposed Project Overview

Below is a detailed diagram of what the competed system will look like,details of the breakdown of entity's and attributes are explained further in this presentation.


  • Patient
  • Medical history
  • Insurance
  • Primary doctor
  • Hospital
  • Affiliation (hospital/doctor)
  • Prescription
  • Refillable no
  • Refillable yes
  • New issue
  • Follow up
  • Routine


Our proposed solution has the following key relationships:

  • Ark between refillable yes / refillable no
  • Intersection entity between hospital/doctor
  • A Patient can only have joined one health insurance while the insurance component can have multiple customer

Data Base Mapping

Below is our mapping structure for our database:


Other futures & Business rules

  1. Medical Records are kept secure by using a controller to coordinate records, only they have permissions and assess to the database with the patients records.
  2. Daily backup of records.
  3. Ease of access and maintenance.
  4. Claim Validation
  5. Flag clam for multiple attempts for a claim in different locations within a short time period. Outstanding payments

Implementation Time

From our detailed analyse we have assigned a total of two weeks implementation time which breaks down too a week of design and documentation and a week for implementation.


From our industry analyse of industry solutions too our clients project we came up with the following assumptions which may need to be taken into account when developing the database.

  1. A claim launched by a Patient or Doctor
  2. A claim launched on behalf of the Patient by the Doctor
  3. A primary doctor can have 1 or many patients
  4. A patient can be treated by 1 or many doctors
  5. Each hospital can be in only one area
  6. Each hospital can have one or more doctor
  7. Each doctor can be assigned to one or more hospitals
  8. Each Doctor can be assigned to one or more area
  9. Each area can have many hospitals
  10. A medical record can be seen by one or more doctors
  11. Each prescription can have 1 or more drug

Questions ?

We would now like to invite you to ask us some questions you may of had while we presented our solution too you.We would now like to thank you for your time and possibly would enjoy working with you again in the future.


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