Jessica Cameron writing 2017

Opposite Worlds

Chapter One

This is a story about a 14-year-old moody teenager named Sally and her bratty little sister Olivia, a ten year old Katy Perry. She lacks common sense and her only talent is singing, but there is only one problem with that, she does it non-stop. There is only one other thing, sport, she can play any game any time, she is fast and strong and everybody wants her on their team when it comes to the sporty side. Then there is her sister Sally who has a lot of friends and everybody loves her. She is hardly ever home though because she’s always at a birthday party, or just at a friend’s place. That makes it hard for Olivia to spend any time with her,

When they are both home they do have a little secret, they both love their bush, but none of their friends know, and they don’t want to tell them, because they are afraid they will tease them or just stop hanging with them. They would hate swimming with the eels, or just having a picnic out in the bush.

Today the reason to go out there is to, escape the dreaded small and miserable house. They live down in a deep valley among the birds and tall shady kauri’s trees and flax, lots of flax. Then there is a creek, a dark and murky but enjoyable creek with lots of current. Then an electric fence, that is where their problem starts, the one reason they have it, is because they have friendly well-fed cows that they love with most of their heart. There life is pretty much perfect, minus the run down house, the electric fence and Olivia’s all right singing, so almost perfect.

When they begin their walk it is always the same way, out the door, over the gate and lastly through the electric fence and there is the creek. The bank can be very high and steep and sometimes very low and that is, where they go swimming. However, when they get to the electric fence trouble strikes a lose wire and angry people.

Chapter 2

The old gate creaks and groans as old deforming brown, broken and beastly flax leaves lie unwanted abandoned and untouched over the fence line. Kauri gum stands proudly waiting to be polished and used for value, it was just the way they remembered it although it had only been a week and two days.

The crisp fresh morning grass tickled their legs as wet dew oozed out of the trees and onto their messy damp hair as spider webs glistened in the sunrise. They were up bright and early so none of their school mates saw them leave into to the dirty garbage pile.

Then they got to the electric fence. The only non-electric wires wrap round Sally’s legs like snakes looking for prey. The electric wires that are closer than usual to her legs, dangle helplessly above, inches away from Sally’s leg, then she realises she has gone through, the wrong hole. The wrong two wires. She knows if she gets shocked, she will scream and all her school friends will hear her and know her secret. What will she do risk fame or go shocked. I don’t think she has a choice.A blood curling-deafening scream echoes through the bush as the water ripples and eels slither to the surface unknown of the situation

Chapter 3

Olivia tries to comfort her but it is too late. The whole neighbourhood is awake and not happy; people are yelling and shouting as it is drowned by the erupting baby cries. Now Sally has stopped, as everybody else makes a bigger argument, yelling at each other trying to figure out who it was. Sally gets frightened not about that they are now two inches away from a two metre vertical drop down, no, because Sally’s afraid that her friends might recognise her scream and treat her differently.

They sit on the edge of the bank as people scream and slam doors, mostly because they are late for work.

Then the ground beneath Olivia shatters into a million pieces as Sally reaches for her hand, she misses and Olivia screams louder than Sally. Her legs break the water with her body following close behind, the current water swallows her head, and there is no sign of her. Sally is about to jump in as her head emerges coughing ad choking sally asked if she was almost all right she put her thumb up that is the only thing she can do at this stage her face is bright red as she can speak again. Sally’s heart is nearly beating out of her chest

as she looks at the drop and then Olivia and then back at the drop, thinking to herself how she is going to get up there.

Then something catches Sally’s eye, as she wakes closer and then realises an old fisherman’s knife. Then she picks it up. Looks at it, and realises, she can use this.

Chapter 4

Dirt crumbles and falls into Olivia’s bright red shocked face, then Sally turns around, sees it, five huge old colossal mighty flax plants, and thinks for a minute Flax plants and a knife, then she has an idea. She tells Olivia and she comments anything that works

She starts cutting flax with the golden with rust but still sharp knife and laying it out in line. Once she has three metres of it. Sally ties them together as she cuts more to make it double layered so that is strong and will hold Olivia.

Meanwhile Olivia floats comfortably on the current as here hand grippes a root, but there is only one thing she has not realised, the root is slipping out of the bank.

The root is slipping majorly as the flax is almost done, just a couple more flax leaves. Then the knife slips out of her hand, down the bank and into the water making it impossible to cut the flax, it is just going to haft to do.

She tosses it down, it is too short, Oliva has got to make a leap of faith, that I don’t think she has a chose about, because the root is almost gone. One leap one life all eyes on Olivia. She jumps and grasps it with the tip of her strong fingers. Her other hand grips the flax as Sally pulls like high winds tugging everything her face turns crimson as her legs are locked strongly in place. Olivia’s hand grasps the bank she pulls and pushes herself up. The dirt underneath her hands starts to crack and Sally catches her this time and yanks her up onto what is left of the bank and they walk home laughing as there mum said “you missed lunch and why are you drenched Olivia”.

Rebecca Westcott

Rebecca Westcott is a Guinea pig lady, she has four of them and an escape artist hamster which get played with by their three children that she loves a lot. She was born in a little house in a town called Chester but with her family expanding she moved to Dorset and that is where she went to university to study as a teacher now she is a teacher and a writer. The town where she lives is beautiful, rural markets happen in the town in Dorset. It is also on top of a hill. She said that the views out over there vale are stunning and the atmosphere buzzes. It is a very different story when it rains. Which is often, due to the whole hilltop town status that they enjoy. Rebecca mostly scurry’s from shop to shop, battling with umbrellas and vicious winds that make it difficult to stay upright.

Rebecca works with libraries and schools, she techs music at primary school but once she did teach at category C male prison. She does talks with student’s years 5-9 and her focus is on developing confident young writers into awesome writers. Her first two books “Dandelion clocks” and “Violet ink” were published in 2014 with her third book “five things you never told me” in 2015.

The favorite books from her childhood are: “Goodnight mister tom” by Michelle Maoprian, “A monster calls” By Patric Ness, “Wonder” by R.J Palacio, “Skallagrigg” by William Horwood and “After the first death” by Robert Cormier.


Rebecca wrote violet ink in 2014. It is about Quiet, contemplative Izzy has always adored her charismatic, confident older sister, Alex. However, when Alex starts going out with a new boyfriend, everything changes. Izzy is not sure she can still trust her sister, but she will never stop loving her. Letters from Alex, written in her distinctive purple pen, keep their relationship alive.

This was an awesome book that kept you on your toes. I chose this book because of the cover and the title. I am easily attracted to bright and simple colors with not many things crowding the front cover. I am not sure why I liked the title ‘Violet Ink’. I guess it just made me want to find out what it meant. No one had told me about this book. I just saw it in a library. From reading the blurb, I am expecting this book to be made of the letters the two sisters send each other from the different places they are in. Looking forward to start reading the next book!

This book is a good read that gave you owes all along the way and made you really think sometimes this book is restricted so I recommend it for 11 to12 year olds that are mature and would understand the concept of the book itself. This is a good book that described everything needed describing with strong detail and language features.

By Jessica Cameron


The first Knitting machine

Once there was a man that invented the amazingly awesome knitting machine that changed humankind. Its traditional name was the framework-knitting machine and it did strait knitting. The machine imitated the movement of hand knitters which means that no more knitting for rich people. His machine consisted a stout wooden frame with many needles.

Then something called the stocking frame machine soon was upgraded from 8 needles per inch to 16 needles (he doubled it) now it could sew silk and do strait knitting. In 1800 it had been adapted as a lace making machine and it helped all the clothes makers with there everyday life. The next model that was made had 20 needles and they could make all the clothes a lot faster and esaier without much stress and fuss except when they work the machines to fast and it they break down.

This machine immitated the action of hard working hand knitters. It was invented in Nottingham England in the year 1589. Its traditional name was “Framwork Knitting” but it was esaier to call it the stocking frame, because it mostly only sewed stockings, because that was the big thing in there time. His machine considered a stout wooden frame because that’s the cheapest materials and strongest they had that year and time. The comercial falure of his machine might have put a end to the knitting machine but then it turned around.

Everybody loved it except, the dredful queen didn’t like his machine at first because it didn’t look very hot, she thought it didn’t look right and it would look terrible in her house. It was showen to her in 1589 and that day is when she denied it and said she hated it. After she regected it he tried it and made a living of silk and wool stockings. The queen didn’t relise that it was remarkable because it was the first of its kind, but she got all her clothes made for her so it had was no use lieing around in her house. This first machine is what triggered others to make versions of the machine.

In the end this remakable machine that they still called it the stocking frame knitting machine and they should never forget the first eight needled machine that was refused by the queen a few times and what trigged everyone into making the machine we have today. All this fuss is because of William Lee in Nottingham England in the year 1589.

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By Jessica Cameron

School Embarrassment

It hit me like a shockwave. The laughing, the embarrassment, of me falling on my face. It came to me like a flood. My checks had gone red like I just bite into a chilli. Then my feet gave way and I fell, face first onto the stage.

Everyone was staring as the microphone fell to the ground. There was a huge bang and a thunder like crash as I knocked over a chair.

The drums of laughter bellowed through the hall as I made my final appearance on that stage of doom and certain embarrassment. Its new name is the house of horrors and bad luck!

Chocolate biscuits

1. The first bell rang, all the kids running yet I stood still.

2. The water, bashing against the sea wall, the clouds turning grey, there was one thing left to do.

3. Sometimes I feel like I'm never gunner be home, like I have been somewhere to long.

4. Walking up to the excitement of my relatives.

5. Photos and flashbacks, that's wear my memories are kept.

Kiwi Brew

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

The fin of trout in a lake

In the cauldron boil and bake

An Albatrosses wing,

The pompoms of a tui, a spider’s string,

The slime of an eel,

A skinks tale, the flipper of a seal,

Paua’s shell, the tooth of a whale,

The eye of a cow, a foot of a quale,

A Kiwis beak, A Pukeko’s face,

The slime of a snail, the kingfisher’s tale,

A crabs claw, the shell of a snail,

For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like Taupo’s broth boil and bubble,

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

The waves crashed behind my shoulder onto the sand you would find in a fairy-tale. Our navy blue floating toy makes its first debut to the light blue water with its best friend the Big Bubba. A couch that floats on the water, the oceans favourite toy the biscuit but not like the biscuits you have in your Milo, a sea biscuit: The devil, the monster, a star that shines brighter that all the others. The red venoms couch.

You will need to be a cat with nine lives to go on it. Then we jolted onto the lipstick red beast and it started its evil blinding. As we were about to trust the red ravishing raging beast. When it did the worst thing It cast us of into the deep blue rithing sea. We had been deserted as a dirty sock that had been tossed under the bed.

Finally, we got back to shore and roamed back the waves were still crashing over my shoulder and everything was quiet.


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