Battle Of Vicksburg By: Kaden scharff

The battle of Vicksburg took place during may and June of 1863 and ended July 4 with a surrender from Vicksburg after multiple side battles.

During this time many side battles took place to try to weaken Vicksburg defenses. One of the battles was "Battle of Fort Hindman."

Battle of Fort Hindman

In the battle of Fort Hindman, it was a side siege to weaken Vicksburg. The battle was an attack prior to Vicksburg campaign. Fort Hindman was located 50+ miles from the rivers mouth and was mounted with 14 guns. This battle was also known as the "Battle of Arkansas post." As the siegements continued, union troops would destroy the Fort and its mounted defenses.

This is " Vicksburg campaign."

Vicksburg campaign was one of many attempts at a siege for Vicksburg. The attack was led by general Ulysses S. Grant. He led the union troops through Vicksburg. After a while of battling Grants troops were defeated, adding another loss to the union. After this loss, Grant though of a different strategy, he decided to try to take the beachhead near Vicksburg. By May third, he would control the beachhead, and then head to Vicksburg.

This was the battle of Millikens Bend.

This battle took place west of Vicksburg during its siegment. The battle occurred during Vicksburg campaign. Between the confederate states and union troops, Lexington, controlled by union troops, fired 100+ shells at Confederate troops.

A great leader during the war was Ulysses S. Grant. This man was a great commander during the siegements of Vicksburg. Commander Grant. lived a good life for a short amount of time after the siegement. Grant would serve as president for 1 term. His term would be relatively successful. He served as a good president. After his term however was a rough time. Grant was forced to declare bankrupcy. Grant was a good commander but took a wrong decision in life.

Overall the "Battle Of Vicksburg" was a Great War. Even though many side battles took place, they served an important role in this. There failed seizes allowed for more representation of them. They would never stop attacking Vicksburg. They had there hearts set out to attack it and eventually they took it. Grant being the best commander out there, increased chances of capturing it, and so they did. The Battle of Vicksburg went down to be one of the greatest of battles during this time.

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