Building the Future Tipmont REMC's vision for the services we provide and Tipmont’s role in the communities we serve

This is an exciting time for all of us at Tipmont – the reason we’re here! Today, I’m going to cover some exciting advancements in our service offerings to you. But, I’m going to begin by sharing Tipmont’s vision for the services we provide and Tipmont’s role in the communities we serve.

So what does "Reimaging the Co-Op in Rural America" mean? Perhaps the best way to describe it, is to briefly review your cooperative’s mission statement.

Our mission is to “Empower our communities by providing state-of-the-art essential services."

To empower is a recognition that you, our customers, are the engine of success. Tipmont simply provides some necessary raw materials like electric energy and very soon, broadband. With these tools you warm your homes, power your places of work, take classes on line, chat with family members many miles away, and work remotely. The success is yours – Tipmont simply provides tools.

Our communities is a recognition that our focus, commitment and dedication is to the place we all call home – our community. Tipmont not only provides essential services, we also support our community through volunteer work, EnviroWatts and Operation Round Up.

State-of-the-art is a very important part our mission. To Tipmont, this means our services are second to none. The quality and reliability Tipmont provides is among the best in the country. Simply put, we believe services in rural Indiana should be and will be the best available anywhere.

And finally, essential services simply describes the basic affordable services all Americans need and have a right to expect.

Advancements in our electric service offering

Modern technology and infrastructure is driving innovation to create efficiency, improve service quality and reliability, and offer new opportunities for you!

It all begins with foundational communications infrastructure. In this case, a fiber optic backbone that can be used for endless applications.

In 2015, Tipmont began building a fiber optic backbone that ties all of our substations together. The gray area is Tipmont’s service area. As you can see from the map, we will complete that project in 2019. Electric service applications as well as our new internet, video, and voice service will use this fiber backbone to support critical applications and deliver services to you.

A New SCADA System

What you see here is a screen shot of a SCADA system. A “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition” system. This system allows us to monitor and control substation equipment in real time. In other words, in the event of a power outage, chances are pretty good we are aware of the outage as soon as it occurs. This allows us to remotely restore power or to send Tipmont’s fantastic lineman to restore service more quickly. The data that supports this application travels over our fiber optic backbone.

Mobile service orders

Another electric application using our fiber system is mobile service orders. Tipmont’s service crews can transmit and receive service and work order data without shuffling paper or being required to drive into the office a few times a day. This means more efficient and faster service for you!

A Second Energy Advisor

Finally, not everything relies on our fiber optic system. In fact, the smartest and most technologically advanced asset Tipmont has is its employees. These two smiling guys are Kevin and Grant. They know just about all there is to know about saving energy. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have these guys conduct an energy assessment in your home, you know what I’m talking about. If not, I strongly encourage you to give them a call to schedule a FREE assessment.

Now, let’s take a look at the exciting new services Tipmont will begin offering soon in some areas and eventually, all over the service area.

You spoke to us and we listened. Tipmont has been on a two-year journey asking our customers for input and guidance as we evaluated the possibility of offering broadband, video and phone service. Your guidance to us was key to the board’s decision to offer these essential services. Affordable high speed broadband in particular, is clearly an essential service that many of you said you needed.

Broadband Build Strategy

  • Broadband will eventually be available to every Tipmont member.
  • We will connect our first customers in Linden later this year.
  • We have a lot of fiber to build!

As you can imagine, the Tipmont electric system took many years to build. Building the fiber network will be as great a challenge as building the electric system – but it’s a challenge we are prepared to meet! Tipmont has dedicated thousands of hours in preparation over the last 18 months – and we’re ready!

We are however, still evaluating the expected time frame to build out the whole network. I’d rather not speculate how long it will take at this time. But your demonstrated interest and commitment can help accelerate the build process. In a moment, I’ll show you how to register your support and interest in receiving these exciting new services

The map depicts our initial 2018 build area. As you can see, it encompasses the center part of our service area. The small red area you see around Linden denotes our service testing area. If you live in and around Linden and are interested in being a test customer, please call Tipmont’s member service team.

How does Fiber compare?

So how does Tipmont‘s broadband service compare? The 10 second video below provides a powerful comparison.

Today, many Tipmont members live with download speeds less than 10 MB and upload speeds of less than 1 MB. That‘s barely better than early DSL. By comparison, Tipmont will offer a service capable of delivering 1000 MB - or 1 GB. In addition, Tipmont's fiber will be able to deliver speeds even greater than 1 GB by simply changing the electronics that light the fiber.

So how about price?

  • The price will be market competitive offering greater speeds and local service
  • No hidden costs and no promotional gimmicks
  • No contracts and no fine print…

Here’s an example of our fine print!


Broadband interest

You can show your interest and learn more about Tipmont’s exciting new services by logging onto join.tipmont.org. Demonstrating your interest is very important as it helps us identify the parts of our service territory where the interest is highest.

Visit join.tipmont.org to get started today!

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