Africa By Anais and dmitriy

The origin of the name of Africa comes from the greek word “Aphrike” which means not cold. There is also another origin from the word Africa which comes from the latin word Aprica, which means sunny.

The wildlife in africa is amazing. There are over 11 thousand different species of wild and plant life living in Africa. For example, there is a savanna in Africa so there are animals like Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos, Lions and much more.

The beautiful landforms of Africa.
Mount Killamanjaro

Because there are many different landforms in africa that means that there is going to be different types of animals and plants for example, in the desert there are snakes, camels, scorpions,jaguars,Foxes and much more.

Over 14 million years ago, in the Middle Miocene stage of the world, Africa took the form that it has today.

Africa is on two tectonic plates the smaller one African plate Somali and the bigger one African plate Nubian.

these are the African tectonic plates

the two African plates pushed together to form a small mountain range witch is were Mount Kilimanjaro is located.

Fun Fact:

Most people think of Africa as hot and dry but there is a mountain that has snow on it that is very cold.

Do you know the name?...

Mt. Killimanjaro is the highest free standing mountain in the world.


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