Mexico Project

The Location

We wanted to keep it in cultural in Mexico so we needed to get more photos of cultural and the old things it has.
With this we had some old ruins that we couldn't mess with so what we had to do is make it seem old like an old project out of clay.
The price was about between 2.000.000- we were going to change it to a big clay project we thought it would be better for our people to see it better.
  • 1,500,000 for clay 1,000,000 pounds of clay
  • Fenceing 10,000 feet of fence for the frame
  • 2,000,00 pounds of paint
This was our project we needed to do so we just made it more bigger and better for people to see and take pictures and to see how cool it looked.

In conclusion, this would be our over all project that we had created for a good grade the budget, the location, and the people

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