March News from Bread and Water for Africa® Water for Shinabeles villagers, a special thanks to our supporters, and more!

Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, we at Bread and Water for Africa® have much to be thankful for, especially to all of our supporters who are continuing to help us provide safe water in Ethiopia and ship medicines to Sierra Leone. This month, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Landis Family Foundation for its support of schools in Kenya, and Joseph Grush and his granddaughter, Alexis, for their generosity in enabling us to complete a water well in Ethiopia. Also, we are VERY thankful for our partnership with MAP International and being able to ship a 40-foot container of medicines to Sierra Leone.

We are very grateful to Richard and Toni Landis for their steadfast support

For many years, Richard “Dick” Landis has been partnering with Bread and Water for Africa® to help improve the lives of Kenyan children.

From his support of our programs integrated under the direction of our international spokesperson Phyllis Keino, as well as the Kebeneti Secondary School and Kebeneti DSA Dispensary, Richard and his wife Toni have been very generous supporters of our partners in Kenya.

Since the opening of the school in 2015, we have teamed up with the Landis Family Foundation to construct six classrooms, as well as a chemistry lab and physics lab, which were then equipped with modern lab equipment

In addition, with support from the Landis Family Foundation, we were able to complete the construction of a dining hall and kitchen, in which we commended Mr. and Mrs. Landis with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Thank you to Joseph and Alexis, and all our supporters, for making a well possible in Ethiopia

Thanks to our supporters, our most recent water well project was completed in Ethiopia.

In particular, with the help of supporter Joseph Grush and his granddaughter, Alexis, more than 800 villagers in the rural Shenabeles community have access to all the clean, safe water they need for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Most importantly, during the coronavirus pandemic, these villagers will be able to wash their hands frequently.

Prior to the digging of the well, Shinabeles residents, mostly young girls, had to walk 6 miles to a small, shallow well, carrying water containers on their heads that weighed practically as much as they do. This water source contained potentially contaminated water.

But that’s all changed for them today, thanks to Mr. Grush and Alexis, and all of our supporters who donated what they could to the residents of Shinabeles. This gift of life prevents them from contacting serious waterborne illnesses and even death due to a lack of clean water.

Medicines to Sierra Leone- THANK YOU!

Although providing our partners with what they need has become more challenging, we recently shipped a 40-foot container filled with prenatal vitamins, antibiotics, and analgesics in cooperation with our longtime partner, MAP International.

“These much needed medicines will be distributed to [the hospitals and clinics we are serving] orphans, vulnerable children, persons with disabilities, the elderly and expectant mothers in seven health facilities in Sierra Leone,” stated MAP International.

“For the two billion people who don't have access to even basic medicines, ensuring our planned shipments of essential, life-changing medicines and health supplies is of utmost importance.”

We will continue to do everything in our power to make sure basic needs are met in the African countries where we work.