Outcome #7 The theory behind leisure Course

Part 1

My personal bowling ball (left). My pre-setup bowling swing position (right). Photo taken right after class had ended. A classmate and I were preparing for an upcoming class tournament.

"Most of my days last semester was spent either studying or playing catch-up on class work and not working in time and opportunity to treat myself with an occasional day to relax, recharge and exercise. For this reason, I began to mentally and physically feel drained and miserable. I made the decision and commitment later in the semester to schedule and start my day with a physical education course, or go to gym during a long break period between my classes to exercise and decompress. This strategy and approach allowed me to have more energy throughout the day and be better prepared to take on the day and perform in my more challenging classes.

The physical course enrolled in was LS-1850 Bowling. Reason one for enrolling in this course, as already mentioned, was as a stress reliever to the day to day study and work required for academic success in my college major. The second, was reason was for the fun of learning how become a better and more consistently bowler.

I learned that my first game always yields my lowest score. My second and third games typically yields my highest score. I also learned during games 4 and 5 my energy level begin running out and I have insufficient energy to maintain accuracy and precision.
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