Learning Guide 4 morgan Burnette


I chose this image as my good image because it was very similar to my bad. When looking at both images, the intent and similarities in both can be seen, but it is obvious that this image is of better caliber. The good image is good because it shows the detail of the single branch. It allows more detail in the coloring as well, even though the focus is of a lesser variety of colors. I like this image because it focuses on a small subject that is very detailed but also shows some of what is surrounding said subject. I appreciate how not everything is in focus, as that is what would have marred this photo.

In contrast, this is a very bad photo. In fact, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when taking it, but live and learn. One reason that this photo is bad is because I accidentally had the flash on, so all of the color was washed out of the image and replaced by white light. Another reason is because I tried to include too much into the photo, so it came out looking like a giant mess created by a four year old. I originally wanted to include the contrasting red berries and shiny leaves to that of the pine needles, so I tried stepping back and taking a wide shot of all the elements. To make this picture better, I would omit the flash and focus again on only the pine needles (as seen in my good image) and have the berries existing blurred in the background for pops of contrasting color.


In For Beginners-Learning to See, I learned that to really take a photo, one must fully understand what they wish to photograph. Beginning photographers tend to find something they think looks nice and go ham with shooting the heck out of whatever they can find, but they tend to be disappointed that their images do not hold their original feeling to whatever they were shooting. Why? Because they did not fully understand what they wanted to see in the picture in the first place. I learned that if I wish to take a good picture, I have to fully understand what I am seeing and what I wish to photograph. In the composition articles, I learned that to have a truly good image, the placement of objects in an image must be right and everything in the image defines the main subject. In the color theory article, I learned that different colors create different meanings for an image, and that all photographers should have a solid understanding of color theory.


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