I love all of your flaws kelly mckinzie

On Saturday i got sick with the flu All i did was lay in my bed and sleep I ate nothing because i couldn’t chew I felt so bad that i woke up to weep It is not something you would want to get Without doubt the coughing was the worst part Because of my temperature i sweat I felt like i was just falling apart Mom made me get medicine for the kids I was so exhausted after i went I struggles to keep open my eyelids I was stuffy, i couldn’t smell a scent The flu made me miss three whole days of school All this make up work is not very cool
Changing my voice mail, now that you’re gone Cause now it says, “we can’t come to the phone” It make no sense cause you left me alone But it’s the only way i hear your tone It’s been months and i can’t get over us And i know that i am stronger then this No more keeping my head down in a fuss I’m so tired of not having bliss So sick of love song, tired of tears So done with wishing you was right here So sick of love songs playing in my ears But i could listen to them for a years I have it marked on june 15th our date Since you are gone no reason to celebrate
Created By
Kelly Mckinzie


Created with images by silvian1313 - "dandelion fibonacci abstract" • tshirtevolution - "boy child kid" • freestock.ca ♡ dare to share beauty - "Stairway to Heathens - HDR"

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