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- Texas License to Carry - 903.634.7473

Carrying a handgun in Texas openly or concealed requires a "Texas License to Carry a Handgun", an LTC.

To get your LTC, you'll need to take a class, apply to the state, and be fingerprinted. This can be done in any order.

LTC Class covers the laws about legally carrying a handgun in Texas, a primer on the legalities of self-defense, and more.

-LTC Class Information-903.634.7473

LTC classes require 4-6 hours of instruction, a written exam, and some range time. Our classes, taught by a state certified LTC instructor, start at 8:00 AM and generally end by 2:00 PM.

Call us, or see the FAQ for details.

Athens in within a half-hour drive of Tyler, Canton, Corsicana, Palestine, and (well, almost) Jacksonville. Come join us!

- LTC Class Location - 903.634.7473

Our classes are at the SHRED-911 Operations Center in Athens, Texas. Click the Map button below for google maps & driving instructions. We're easy to find, and the range and classroom are handily at the same location.

LTC class prices vary widely. Our classes are well reviewed and priced competitively at only $75 bucks.

- LTC Class Only $75 - 903.634.7473

Our fee of $75 per person includes LTC instruction, classroom materials, a B27 target, and range fees. Payment is due at start of class by cash, check, or plastic.

We offer classes both on Saturday and Wednesday so come join us on a day that works best on your busy schedule.

--- Flexible Scheduling --- 903.634.7473

We offer frequent, small Saturday classes and, since not everyone's weekend is free, we offer Wednesday classes every month. Click the Calendar button below to see our schedule and make note of a date that works for you.

For two or more people, custom dates can be arranged.

The ultimate "Identity Protection".

-- Call Today to Register -- 903.634.7473

Call or click the button below to sign up online. Easy!

The truth is out there...

-- Links for More Info --903.634.7473

Click the LTC Links button for LTC-related websites.

You've reached the

LicensedCarry.com and LTC instruction is provided by SHRED-911, LLC, a document destruction firm located in Athens, Texas.

SHRED-911 is in the identity protection business, not in the personal-security business, but we are able to make educational resources available toward enabling more good guys - we believe that as more law-abiding good citizens choose to legally and safely arm themselves, everyone is a little safer.

Protect your ultimate identity - you - by getting your LTC. Protect yourself from identity theft by shredding or otherwise destroying your confidential stuff. For your shredding needs, visit our website at shred-911.com, or click below.




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