Social Media in Education Creating a whole new world of learning opportunities!


  • Facebook has helped connect millions of learners from across the world.
  • Currently, there are over 1.59 billion Facebook users!!!
  • Over 1.6 million educators engage in Facebook usage as a means to connect with students and parents

Facebook provides users the opportunity to grow in language development, engage in interpersonal communication and group collaboration, offers opportunities to learn and share technology in a transparent manner, and allows the ability to engage in remote lectures.

I am connected with over 1,700 individuals and several PLN's through Facebook. I have found Facebook to be an amazing tool in my educational growth. I am always pleasantly surprised with other people's willingness to share their knowledge and experiences with so many others!


  • 85% of our world leaders are on Twitter
  • 310 monthly active users
  • 29.2% of U.S social media takes place on Twitter
  • 1.3 billion accounts


  • Twitter is being used by millions of educators and students around the world.
  • Twitter allows it's users to collaborate and connect on meaningful topics being discussed in today's classrooms.
  • Students no longer have to rely on the information being presented inside their building.
  • Twitter serves as an excellent PLN for connecting and sharing. I have found Twitter to be highly effective in terms of finding several others who share my same passion for learning.


  • Currently, Google has 318.4 million users
  • Second largest social network after Facebook
  • Many Schools, businesses, and brands are utilizing Google+
  • Teachers are able to deliver virtual lessons - a great tool to use when students miss class
  • Google+ offers features such as Google Cirles and Google Chat which deeper forms of communication and sharing capabilities

My experiences with Google+

I have found Google+ to be another strong option for connection among other educators. I have formed a few PLN's through Google+ and have experienced a new form of communication in using the communication tool, Google Chat. At this point in time, I am more versed in Twitter and Facebook usage, but know that Google+ will be a great resource to connect with students, parents, and colleagues.

My Experiences with Social Media

As I reflect back on our past weeks of technology growth, particularly in social media, I have found that I have gained a much stronger comfort level in using a larger repertoire of tools. I was a "one trick pony" in the fact that I really only engaged in social media through Facebook. Now, I feel comfortable exploring Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and will find more social media tools to incorporate in my teaching and communication with others. I have truly gained a great deal from the tremendous amount of sharing which has taken place during our course!

It's extremely important that we as educators, keep the pendulum of safe and effective forms of technology moving in a progressive manner. As we've read several times, our students are digital natives, so we must find the most up-to-date methods of technology to bring enriching opportunities to our students.

Created By
Jason Gillette


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