Jack Foster Sibiron Tiger


In the south region of Rusher is the biggest tigers which eat dear.


A well known fact about Siberian Tiger is that they have elgont prity stript bushy fur .Did you know it's got stript skin ? Further know fact is that a there are omnivore.

Sibiron Tiger have sharp pointed claus meening their can grappling on to there pray . There long kainis meaning can rip froo there pray Sibiron Tiger are at the top of the food chain.

Sibiron Tiger leve their mummys when 2-3 years old . For 1-2 years old there will learn from their mummy's but a young cub will only eat things such as berrys,yong rabbits and small birds Sibiron Tiger leaves the den at 3 months old and starts hunting with it mum

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