Thailand Trek Week 3


Sawatdee Ka! Today as we explore the currency and food of Thai we celebrate that Jesus paid the price for our sins and provides for our needs.

Theme Song

Let's sing our Thailand Trek theme song!

Shopping list

Today we are going to learn about something all kids love to do, eat. But before you eat, you have to get the food. Create a shopping list for one of your favorite meals. What do you use to buy the food?

Thai baht
Thai coins

In Thailand, their money is called baht. Look at the picture above to see the baht. 1 baht is the same as 3 cents in American currency. What are some differences you can see between the American dollars and coins and the Thai baht?

The market

Discuss: Where do you go to buy food?

In Thailand, they do have some stores, but most food is found at a market. People bring what they make to a big market like the one in this video

Discuss: How is the Thai market similar and different than stores here?

If you noticed in the video, everybody was on the water selling or buying food at the market. The capital city of Thailand is called Bangkok. Bangkok is filled with lots of little waterways called canals. A long time ago, lots of people got around by boat in Thailand. To transport food around, people would get in boats called long-tail boats. Let's build a long-tail boat!

Color, cut out, and fold on dotted lines.
Meet Peng

We've already met three new amazing friends from Thailand: James, Ami, and Nami. Each one of them has helped us learn more about Thailand and a real God who is here in our country, there in Thailand, and everywhere. Today we'll meet Peng, a boy who lives in an orphanage in the Thailand countryside. As you watch this video, look for things Peng does that you do too.

Peng goes to school, has friends, and does chores, just like you. But he lives in an orphanage, unlike most of us. Living at the orphanage, Peng misses his mom very much and doesn't want to be separated from her. Something sad and hurtful separated Peng from his family. That's kind of like the way our sin separates us from God. God's perfect, and we're not. But God is forgiving, and we don't have to be separated from him. God shows us he loves us and forgives us in a special way.

Discuss: How does God's love and forgiveness bring you closer to Him? In what ways does God provide for your needs? What Price did Jesus pay to save us?
God's love and forgivness

God is loving. Think of God's love like all that good food in the market. God knew we needed His love. But sin is like the canal that separates us from God. So God sacrificed his precious Son, Jesus. Jesus died to wash away our sins. He came back to life to show God's power over death and sin. Jesus is like the boat that brings the people of Thailand across the canals to the market. Because of Jesus' sacrifice, our sins are forgiven and we can have a relationship with God!


Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus to take away our sin. Thank you for loving us and letting us have a relationship with you. Thank you for forgiving us. Your love God is amazing and covers the whole world. Be with us and all the kids in Thailand. Help us to learn more about you every day. In Jesus' name, Amen.

See you next time as we explore more of Thailand and God's love for the world!

Lesson Credit: Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand Trek curriculum. https://www.gospeladventures.org/curriculumthailand2021.asp

Baht photo Credit: Manor FX. https://www.manorfx.com/app/uploads/2019/04/current-thai-baht-banknotes-v2.jpg