SSE Music Conference By Caleb Amick

It all began on March 25th of 2017 in Hendersonville, Tennessee...

Flyer for the conference.

at the Holiday Inn Express in Hendersonville

Photo Credit:

The conference began at 8:00 a.m., starting off with Portia Fletcher from Harper Booking Agency speaking about how artists can get bookings and how to get and a deal with agencies like Harper.

Portia Fletcher. Photo Credit: Alisa Asbury Facebook Page

After Portia, came Aaron Crisler, the Social Media/Public Relations Manager for Grammy Award Winner Jason Crabb.

Photo Credit: Alisa Asbury Facebook Page
Quote about Social Media marketing. Fun Facts from Aaron Crisler

After Aaron, came Lunch

After Lunch, it was time for a lesson in Management and Finance from Phillip and his wife Tina Morris

Program for the Management session. Photo Credit: Alisa Asbury Facebook Page.
Phillip Morris. Photo Credit: Alisa Asbury Facebook Page

Gerald Crabb's seminar on Songwriting came soon after that

Gerald Crabb playing his guitar.

Photo Credit: Alisa Asbury Facebook Page

A quote from the songwriting seminar.

After Gerald Crabb, came Joe Cornett, Creative Director at Daywind Studios. Those who came to play and/or sing, performed for Joe and received critique sheets from Joe

Alisa Asbury with Joe Cornett. Photo Credit: Alisa Asbury Facebook Page.

An example video of a performance: Crimson Ridge.

All Rights Reserved to Crimson Ridge Music.

If something like this sounds interesting to you, contact Alisa Asbury (Her name and contact info are on the flyer at the beginning of this presentation.) and ask her about the latest events going on.


Alisa Asbury Crimson Ridge

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