Orion Guide to filling out orion

Open up the Orion program and click on the "pending" tab in the lower left screen.

A list will pop up with all available S.O numbers. A rule of thumb is to select the top one and double click it. Wait for the screen to load.

S.O numbers to choose from


  • Click on the file in the prepare resources section and wait for a screen to load.
  • Fill in customer rep
  • . Service requested is the type of job i.e. Anncom.
  • BOM number is for the type of job. Found on the procedure
Prepare resources tab
  • Fill in the API number. The API number can be found on the well schematic in the top left hand corner.
  • Fill in well number
API number on the schematic
  • Next, fill out the "sap ship to" number #354987 is a generic number to put in.
  • Check all the boxes at the bottom that apply


  • Click the giant "300 mobilize resources" button
  • Click on personnel button
  • Click on template drop down box and load the template that includes all the employees who are on the job.
  • Click the load button
  • Click save and exit
  • Click the "equipment" drop down box
  • Click equipment selector
  • Go to templates tab
  • Open existing templates
  • Select the unit template
  • Open template
  • Save and exit
  • Click on the "job times" button
  • Fill out all time boxes down to crew arrive on location except for the first two columns
  • The last columns will be done at the end of the job
Job times entry
  • Click on control points button on right side of window
  • Click on design of service tab
  • Check boxes in photo below
  • Click plan and prepare for execution button
  • Check all boxes
  • Click wellsite execution button
  • Check all boxes
  • Click demobilize and reporting button
  • Check all boxes except second to last
  • Click save
  • Exit out of the screen (red X in top right corner
  • Confirm save and exit
  • Let the green bar in upper right screen load

Go to calander view

  • Under the correct day, double click on the file in the calander box
  • Click on the job under the prepare resources category and drag and drop in the execute job category
  • Wait for it to load
  • Double click on it once it's under execute job and let it load


  • Click on 400 perform services well date button
  • Fill in stuff from well schematic, procedure or handover form
  • Click on the 400 perform services slickline service delivery button
  • There will be a drop down tab on the list. Click on it and delete row
  • Click yes to confirm deletion
  • Check the "rig up" button on the left
  • Click insert Under "witnessed by" select company man
  • Go back to job times and finish filling it in. Everything below the crew arrive on location column
  • Click save and exit

500: Demonilize Resources

  • Click 500 demobilize resources button
  • Fill in journey management name
  • Click job times tab, fill it in
  • Save and exit
  • Click the ticket button
  • Click field ticket
  • Click cust stamp
  • Click on the "open" tab
  • Select Kuparuk
  • Enter well info

Enter the network number found on the procedure

  • The activity code is the ZX number
  • Click on the price page
  • Highlight open box below the numbers
  • Click sales order > cost item template > insert user template
  • Click new conoco

Fill in hours worked under quantity

Special note: if you are doing a second job that day, right click on the row for toolbox charge and then select "delete a row"

  • Click on print ticket
  • Make sure you have the correct date and then click ok. The document will then load.
  • After it loads, click print
  • Go to "Attach"
  • Select all papers that were scanned
  • Click "add attachments
  • Click on the API tab
  • Click next >next>next>next>start survey
  • Check the day
  • Fill in all info and click OK
  • Under satisfaction survey add my name > next > customer participation "yes" > finish > save changes

Note: if anything needs to be changed, go back to kpi tab, right click on job and click edit

  • Exit out of Orion and let the green box load up

Routing Job

  • Go to list view
  • Select the job
  • Right click on it and select send job
  1. Search box will pop up
  2. Send to: Jana mussard, the service leader, Rockies, myself
  3. Click ok
  4. No notes need to be added
  5. Continue
  • It will ask you if you want to delete, Say NO

Go to the Mr. T program, hit the update now button and let it do its thing

Codes for field ticket

  • 1002975 $219 per day
  • 1003170 tool box charge

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