Proposal for The Researched Argument Holland Nievergelt

Downfalls of Social media

The rampant growth of social media in the twentieth century has lead to a dramatic change in individuals and in society as a whole. Social media has changed the meaning of friendship and communication while harming relationships and reducing attention spans. The arrival of social media has inflicted various harmful effects, but it has also brought about many advantages such as promotional tools for companies and a platform that allows crucial information to spread quickly. Do the damaging effects of social media outweigh the benefits, or is it the other way around?

I chose the topic of negative effects of social media because I am very intrigued by the long term impact of social media on society. Since my generation grew up in the midst of a multitude of social networks, I am eager to see the differences between millennials and individuals who grew up before the time of social media.

Through my researched argument, I intend to educate people on the detrimental effects of social media that are often ignored. I also aim to discuss the possible long term effects that social networks may have on people and the world as a whole.

The topic of social media is very prevalent at this point in time. New social networks arise so frequently, and social media is growing at a dizzying rate. Some people turn a blind eye to the issues associated with social networks, but a time will come when the consequences can no longer be ignored. Future generations are going to be impacted even more than society is now. Children will be raised in a world engulfed with iPhones, iPads, and hundreds of social media sites. This dramatic change in childhood will most likely have a substantial negative effect on generations to come.

Social media is a major distraction. When social media notifications pop on your phone or laptop, it is hard to ignore them. Distractions of any kind diminish productivity, so constantly receiving notifications can not be helpful when trying to concentrate. In school and work today, laptops are generally allowed to be used or even required. Having this accessibility to social sites while in the work place or in a classroom often takes away from being productive. Trying to scroll through Facebook while listening to your Professor talk is multitasking. Multitasking is detrimental to information retention. The presence of social media is affecting people's attention span.


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