Xavier University an analysis by kaia boyers

Xavier University, home to the Xavier Musketeers

Mascot: The Blue Blob


At a glance, this college is appealing to me because of its available majors, small size, and safe campus. In addition, this university is very environmentally friendly, as it recycles and has sustainable food options. Finally, the student body is very diverse (practicing over 15 religions on campus), and the university is very accommodating to students (residence halls have AC, wifi, laundry facilities, etc).


3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45207

Approximately 1 hour and 44 minutes from Hilliard, Ohio


  • In between downtown and uptown Cincinnati
  • Urban setting
  • Lots of entertainment and activities in the area, for example: Eden Park, Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati observatory, Cincinnati Riverbend
  • Opportunity to study abroad for multiple majors
Cincinnati Space Observatory
Cincinnati Zoo entrance
Cincinnati River and bridge view

General Information

  • Semester calendar type
  • 11:1 student/teacher ratio
  • 87% return sophomore year
  • 72% graduate in 6 years
  • 97% placement rate after graduation
  • Medium-sized, private, 4-year university
  • Residential campus
  • 4,563 total undergraduates
  • 54% female students, 46% male students
  • 91% first year students living on campus, 50% all undergrads living on campus

Academics Overview

  • Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees offered
  • Bachelor's: 31% Business/Marketing, 11% Health Professions, 11% Liberal Arts, 6% Social Sciences, 5% Biology
  • Associate: 58% Health Professions, 42% Liberal Arts
  • Appealing to me: health professions, social sciences, biology

Eligibility/Enrollment Requirements

  • Deadline of Application: February 15th
  • Percent Acceptance rate: approximately 73%
  • Student GPA: very important / average of 3.52 weighted
  • Class Rank: considered / 53% of students are in the top quarter
  • Test Scores: SAT Math average = 551, SAT Reading average = 546, SAT Writing average = 505; ACT average 22-27
  • Letters of Recommendation: 1 required for all freshmen
  • Interview: not required


  • All dorms have: air conditioning, wireless Internet service, laundry facilities, kitchenette, study lounges, recreational room
  • First- and second-year students live on campus/upperclassmen have the option to live off campus
  • Residence Halls: Brockman (first-year students), Buenger (first-year and upperclassmen), Husmen (first-year students), Kuhlman (first-year and upperclassmen), Bishop Fenwick (sophomores and upperclassmen)
  • Apartment buildings: Commons, 1019 Dana, University, Manor House, Village Apartments for sophomores and upperclassmen
  • Single, double, triple, and quad rooms are available in all buildings for different prices
  • All suites and dorms require a meal plan
  • Cars on campus

Top left: Village Apartment building

Top middle: Sample floor plan of three- and four-bedroom dorms

Top right: Commons Apartment building

Bottom: study lounge and recreational rooms in Bishop Fenwick Place

Meal Plans

  • Xavier Blue ($2,770 per semester), Xavier Silver ($2,620 per semester), and Xavier White ($2,490 per semester) meal plans: unlimited meals per semester
  • ALL card (similar to an ID card, transfers money for meals, drinks, and snacks), come with 3 guest meals (you can buy other people food)
  • 80 Block, 40 Block & 25 Block plans are based on meals per semester and managed by the meal plan holder
  • Dining Dollars: funds attached to certain meal plans, can be used for all on-campus eateries

Cost of Enrollment

  • Tuition: $35,920
  • Room and Board: $6,490
  • Food Plan (average amount): $5,240
  • Mandatory Fees: $420 (raise it)
  • Grand Total for the entire year: $48,070

Campus Involvement

  • Student Sports Teams: equestrian team, fencing, gymnastics, triathlon, ultimate frisbee, water polo, rugby, dance, etc.
  • Academic Clubs: alchemy, art society, healthy services, honors council, innovation society, language clubs, women in business, etc.
  • General Interest Clubs: active minds, animals, people & the Earth, children charities, LGBTQ alliance, no labels, outdoor club, Xavier students against sexual assault, sustainability, yoga and holistic awareness, young Americans for liberty, etc.
  • Fun fact: in 2017, Xavier students logged over 80,000 hours of community service

Personal Reflections

Many aspects of this university are engaging to me. I love the feel and vibe of the campus, where it's located, and what surrounds it. I love the values of the school, such as social equality and the recognition of minorities, the respect it has for the environment, and the service it does for the community. Additionally, I am interested in multiple of the majors they offer, such as health professions, social sciences, and biology. I like the diversity of the academics, the small size of the classes, and the approachability of the professors. There are many clubs and societies that I would like to join, or at least learn more about. I am very interested in studying abroad, which is offered at Xavier, especially in biology majors. However, there are a few aspects that are not appealing to me. For example, it is a private university, so it is moderately expensive, and it has religious affiliations to Catholic Jesuit Christianity, and I am not religious.


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