A trip though India By: Bethanie cruZ

The location of the Indus River Valley Pakistsan and Northwest India. By 2600 BCE, dozens of towns and cities had been established, and between 2500 and 2000 BCE the Indus Valley Civilization was at its peak. The Indus River valley is important to people there because there is evedence some level of contact betweveen the Indus Valley civilization and Near the East. It is important to hour country because people like to explore there and see things.

Ganges basin is located in Tibet, Nepal, India and Bangladesh. The description Ganges River, Hindi Ganga, great river of the plains of the northern Indian subcontinent. Although officially as well as popularly called the Ganga in Hindi and in other Indian languages, internationally it is known by its conventional name, the Ganges.This is important to the civilization becuase it was some of ancient India territory .i It maybe be important now because people go to explore.

The location of Harappa is Punjab, Pakistan.The Indus Valley Civilization also known as the Harappan culture has its earliest roots in cultures such as that of Mehrgarh, approximately 6000 BCE. The two greatest cities, Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, emerged circa 2600 BCE along the Indus River valley in Punjab and Sindh. The importance of Harappa is that Harappa's civilization has sighnificane for not only historians and the Harappan people also made rough terracotta statues of women, usually naked.

Brihadeeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in Thanjavur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as RajaRajeswara Temple Rajarajeswaram and Peruvudayar Temple. The brihadeeswarar is the biggest towerin the world 🌎.The temple has fortified walls that were probably added in the 16th century. It is important to our civilization because it is fun to explore and it is also really fun to look at because of the features and texture.

Sanchi, the Buddhist complex, famous for its Great Stupa, is located on a hilltop at Sanchi Town in Raisen District of the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is 46 km north-east of Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh. The sanchi is on of the most important Buddhist monument reflecting of baddest art and architecture. The foundation of the Buddhist vihara at Sanchi that includes the great Sanchi Stupa was laid by one of the greatest Indian Emperors, Ashoka of the Maurya Dynasty who reigned over almost the entire Indian subcontinent from c. 268 to 232 BCE. He commissioned construction of the Stupa. It is important to our civilization because you can go see the details and it is vary mysterious to find out how it looks and what to really see.

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