Touch Wood Rings Wear the Warmth of Wood

Delight your fingers as well as your soul
Magnolia, Pink Ivory Wood and Mother of Pearl Touch Wood Rings

We believe that wearing a wood ring speaks volumes about your commitment to the environment and to the concept of simple living.

Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring with a Juniper Heartwood braided inlay.

For almost two decades, Touch Wood Rings has offered a socially just and environmentally sustainable alternative to precious metals and gemstones. Pioneer of the bent wood ring; David Finch is recognized internationally for his meticulously hand crafted wearable works of art.

Touch Wood Rings are durable, warm to the touch & light to wear.

Touch Wood Rings ~ Oak with featured natural knot
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Every Touch Wood Ring is a commissioned piece; custom designed by you. Each ring is individually hand made by David to your specifications. We have no 'rings in stock' preferring to create exactly what you want and working with you all the way.

We wish to express our tremendous thanks to all the people whose wooden ring designs you see displayed in our gallery and throughout our website and blog - they are a part of these creations and awesome individuals, one and all.

Jonathan and Jessie

We’d be delighted and honoured to work with you too! Drop me an email ~ let’s talk. nicola@touchwoodrings.com

Dominique and Terra

We look forward to working with you to create a wood ring you will love and feel good about wearing.

African Blackwood, Ash and Hawaiian Koa Wood Rings
Oak and Hawaiian Koa with a full moon inlay of Oak

We live and work on the Chilcotin Plateau in British Columbia, at the outer edge of the Boreal forest.

One of the many wildflowers we watch for in the spring. This beauty is called Prairie Smoke, also known as Old Man's Whiskers.
and one of our summer residents.
Touch Wood Rings ~ Bethlehem Olive Wood


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Wear the Warmth of Wood ~ Touch Wood Rings


Created By
Nicola Finch


Nicola and David Finch