The Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History allison bauer

NATURE ON DISPLAY: The exhibit I found to be most enjoyable was the outdoor, interactive butterfly exhibit. When I first walked out into the exhibit I was amazed by the beauty of the plants, little stream, and, of course, the butterflies. This exhibit captured my attention because it is the only exhibit in the museum with real, living animals. Because of the real animals, I was able to see the butterflies going about their business, interacting with each other and even the people in the museum.

NATURE AND ETHICS: This was one thing I really appreciated about the museum: there were many exhibitions of conservation. The picture I took for this section was with the viewable lab which was doing DNA research to ultamitely lead to conservation. When I went through the museum, I was amazed by the beauty of some of the exhibits of nature and also by the size of some of the skeletons of the extinct animals. Honestly, I was so surprised how actually amazed I was because the museum ended up being so much cooler than I had imagined it to be. My friends I were with felt that same surprising amazement as myself. I definetly feel a new sense of ethical responsibility.

NATURE AND THE HUMAN SPIRIT: The skeleton of the megladon helped me to step out of my ordinary life because it is such an incredible sized shark jawline skeleton for this massive beast that may or may not have existed. I believe that the mystery of the megladon is such a cool debate and mystery to humanity. It helps us to put into perspective the ever-changing earth, and how so many different creatures used to roam the earth until their extinction- a possibility to animals still today if we aren't careful.


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