Ranking the Han Dynasty's Contributions Using P.e.r.s.i.a as a lens

The Han Dynasty's most lasting contributions were in the Economics realm.

Even though many people followed the social structure of Confucianism, which received a lot of admiration, the economics during the Han Dynasty period was significant.

China's economy during the ruling time of the Han dynasty was in good shape. One reason why was because of the creation of the silk road. Many people were employed to sell silk to different countries. The Hans also took part in trading. According to http://thehandynasty.com/han-dynasty-economy.html, it states that new inventions and the growth of art helped increase the amount of trade during the time, which helped keep the economy running well. Aside from this, taxes were also lowered so that the poor could pay their debt. One final example that showed how China's economy during the Han Dynasty's ruling period was successful was that the development of iron tools created efficient farming. People grew their own crops using the systems and tools that were created.

After economics, the lasting contributions were made in the realm of Social Structure during the Han Dynasty.

The social structure that was used in the Han Dynasty was Confucianism. Confucianism were teachings made by Confucius. It mainly focused on respect. Because of Confucianism, emperors ruled for a longer time and children were educated. They learned how to be respectful and other lessons from Confucius' books in school. They were taught to obey their parents at all times.

After social structure, the lasting contributions were made in the intellectual achievements realm. Some intellectual achievements created during the Han dynasty were the Silk Road, irrigation, water conservation projects, and farming tools. According to http://totallyhistory.com/han-dynasty-achievements/, it states that the improvements in farming tools contributed greatly to the

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