Pokemon BATTLE By nihal

Enrique vs Nihal.

Enrique chosen shiny Mewtwo. Nihal chooses Tyranitar.


Mewtwo uses Pybeam weak. Tyranitar uses crunch super effective. Mewtwo at 134 tyraintar at 240. Mewtwo uses recover. Tyranitar uses crunch. Mewtwo at 150 tyraintar at 240. Mewtwo does swords dance defense incerases attack incereses. Tyraintar does crunch crick all hit. Mewtwo fainted. Nihal has defated 1 Pokemon. So he won.

Alex vs Gaincarlo

Alex chose Ash-Greninja Giancarlo chose Mudkip. Alex does water shuriken not very effective and Alex hit 2 times and he has won!

Michelle vs Random Trainer.

Michelle chooses Vaporeon Random Trainer chose Flareon.


Created with images by klimkin - "pokemon pikachu game"

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