Immigration by maria lopez

People now are being affected by immigration how well people now are afraid to go out to stores take there kids to school and just go out for a walk .I m also being affected why because if the ice takes my mom i will not have who to take care of me. My family is also being affected because they are also afraid of going out there homes ,they don t have the same trust ,my community don't come out the hall ways are whit out much people .Fear is all around us.

I predict that the immigrants 50 years from now will be able to travel all over the world join back whit there family and live happy whit out fear of being deported and they be able to have what we have like the education ans many more

some thing that i can do now as a young student will be to teach the little children how to love others and accept the immigrants so they grow up whit love and not hate or give them a different look about immigrants


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