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World's First Binderless CBN

NCB100 Binderless CBN

Binderless NCB100 is a polycrystalline CBN that directly binds nanometer-level CBN particles without binder materials. Since Binderless CBN is harder and has better thermal conductivity, it enables higher efficiency and longer tool life in machining of hard-to-cut materials, such as titanium alloy and cobalt-chromium alloy.

NCB100 Binderless CBN Grade Achieves Highly Efficient and Precise Finishing of Hard-to-Cut Materials

  • High efficiency machining and longer tool life have been achieved by the effects of higher hardness and thermal conductivity
  • Achieves high precision machining and better surface integrity because of less adhesion by not containing any binder materials
  • High-efficiency finishing of hard-to-cut materials, such as titanium alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, cemented carbides and cermets
  • NCB100 is able to maintain excellent dimensional accuracy and surface roughness for a long period
  • Shows improved work efficiency and cost reduction by minimizing the frequency of exchanging inserts
NCB100 maintains a stable surface roughness profile, maintaining a value close to the theoretical surface roughness

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The binderless PCD grade NPD10 adopts nano-polycrystalline diamond for the cutting edge, which is binderless, isotropic and harder than single crystal diamond. NPD10 achieves long tool life and improved machining accuracy for carbide and hard brittle material machining compared to conventional diamond tools.

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Extreme performance due to nano-polycrystalline diamonds offering superior dimensional stability
  • Reduces tool replacement frequency compared to conventional tools
  • Great advantages in improving work quality and achieving total cost savings by higher productivity

Revolutionary Solution

NPD10 is best suited for high precision machining of carbide, hard brittle material and shows excellent results in ceramic machining with nano-polycrystalline diamond, which is binderless, isotropic and harder than single-crystal diamond.

Nano-polycrystalline Diamond

Nano-polycrystalline Diamond directly binds nanometer-level diamond particles at a high strength without using binders. It is harder than single-crystal diamond and has no cleavablility. Therefore, it enables machining of hard brittle materials such as carbides and enables new machining methods.

NPD10 shows excellent wear resistance

Application Range

Grade line up

Grade Lineup



The PCD grade DA90 is our first recommendation for roughing of cemented carbides and hard and brittle materials.

  • A grade made by sintering rough-grained polycrystalline diamond which contains the highest amount of diamond
  • Achieves stable tool life and excellent wear resistance
  • Cost performance achieved by optimal design and development of mass production technology

Achieves Stable Tool Life For Roughing

  • Stable long tool life based on the coarse-grained, polycrystalline diamonds
  • Cost advantages compared to grinding
  • Cemented carbides with a binder content from 6% can be machined
DA90 shows excellent wear resistance under rough machining conditions

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