Little Big History of Wrestling By: Zach Roeder

Wrestling is a very large part of human history, the first traces of wrestling date all the way back to around 15,000 years ago. Wrestling has been a way for people from all over to connect throughout history. In practically all countries there is some form of wrestling and that is why people from all over the world understand it and can relate to it.


The first threshold that wrestling fits into would be, threshold 4. The reason wrestling fits into the "Our Solar System & Earth" threshold would be because this threshold is all about how and why theories become accepted. The reason that wrestling fits in with this is because people now have theories about when wrestling started, how it was started, and how it was used. There is no completely correct way of answering these questions because no one who was around at the time that wrestling first started is still alive, but people have found evidence and ways that they were able to make observations about certain things that have to do with wrestling.

The next threshold would be, threshold 5. The reason that wrestling fits into the "Life" threshold is because the threshold itself is all about the first life on Earth. When the first life on Earth started coming, it then went on to humans which because of humans sports and ways of combat were started so wrestling came about.

The next threshold would be, threshold 6. The reason for wrestling fitting into the "Collective Learning" threshold is because over time wrestling started to become more popular and a bigger thing. Wrestling became one of the largest sports at the time. Over time because of collective learning wrestling started to change and it started to get used for new things, like it was used for purposes like training men for the army so they would become better at hand to hand combat.

Another threshold that wrestling fits into would be threshold 7. The reason that Wrestling fits into the "Agriculture" threshold is because the places wrestling was done changed. Wrestling was normally done on the dirt inside of coliseums, but sometimes wrestling could happen anywhere else, possibly in a field or on grass. As agriculture became better that also changed where wrestling would happen because over time as agriculture became better, that made wrestling change also because people who wrestled as a sport started to stop wrestling on the ground and they began using things like mats.

One final threshold that wrestling fits into would be threshold 8. The reason why wrestling fits into "The Modern Revolution" threshold is because when people talked and shared ideas to make things better, wrestling was able to change and become better by people coming up with ideas for things like rules. Without The Modern Revolution, wrestling would not have become as big as it is today, also without The Modern Revolution advancements in wrestling would not have been made.

The Origins of wrestling date back to over 15,000 years ago where cave drawings of people wrestling have been found in France. Wrestling has changed a lot over time and in many different ways, some main changes that have happened over time would be things like rules for the sport, or even clothing. Wrestling is a very large part of history in many places, since it is such an old sport and wrestling has been a sport or form of combat in most places.


Source 1: - Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat in the world. Wrestling cave drawings have been found in France from 15,000 years ago. Relief sculptures show the wrestlers using most of the same holds that are used today. In Greece wrestling was used to train soldiers for hand to hand combat. Wrestling has always been really popular in Greece and in the Olympic Games.

SOURCE2 : - Many people used wrestling for training for hand to hand combat in the Army. Many Spartans used wrestling in battle to fight their opponents. Now wrestling is used as a sport and a way of fun for children and adults alike. Wrestling today for some people is sometimes used to condition for other sports and to help with other sports.

SOURCE 3: Many things have changed over time like what the people who were wrestling would wear, like back in the time of the Romans and the Greeks the wrestlers would usually not have any clothing and if they did it was not very much. Also over the years, people used to not score the matches. A long time ago the matches were also never watched by someone like a ref that would call points.

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