Joel's Number the Stars Book Diary By joel


I think that war is bombs going off, shots being fired, wounded soldiers, blood being shed. I also think

In World War 2 people from those countries must've felt scared, sad, angry


I think neighbors are nice and caring people who are almost like family.

I would respond by helping people get to safety

Number the Stars

I think the book will be about a Jew who is struggling to escape the Nazis

literary analysis

Mama says,"Be one of many." I think that means she wants her to be a stranger. I think she says this because she wants her daughter to be safe.So that the soldiers won't hurt her or think shes a threat.

Well;Annemarie said slowly,''now i think that all of Denmark must bodyguard for the Jews, as well''.

If Denmark was a guard for the Jews then I think they would succeed. Then the Jews would be free and be able to live normally again. they get guns and kill them all.

she felt scared she also felt scared,it shows that shes a bodyguard to the Jews. It symbolizes the she and Ellen are really close/good friends that would do anything for each other. i think that her and Ellen are never going to stop being good friends.So she will always be a body guard to the Jews.


we just read chapter 8 and 9 therefore i think Ellen's parents will be in the casket ready to flee the country.


Man vs Man

This scene shows a German officer strike mama because she asked if he wanted to see a dead person. This shows man vs man by letting us know that the officer hit mama.

Man vs Nature

This scene shows mama with her ankle broken because she tripped over a root. This shows man vs nature by telling us that she tripped over a root and that's part of nature.

Man vs Self

This scene shows papa deciding whether to go with mama and the girls to uncle Henrik's house.This scene shows this type of conflict because papa is debating with his own mind.

Man vs Society

The scene shows the soldiers checking the house and checking Ellen. It shows this type of conflict by making every German officers dislike the Jews. Ellen learned to be more careful and not become as nervous whenever soldiers come by.


Always take risks for the good of mankind 

This means to always do the right thing for people because people are human not animals.The book shows this because mama and peter are always taking risks just to help the Jews. In the beginning Annemarie's family takes in Ellen so they won't take her away and in the end peter and uncle Henrik take them to Sweden and each of those things means they're risking their lives.

Vocabulary Words


''Wait for me!'' wailed little Kirsti

Lanky and stocky

''She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie.

Based on this sentence, these words are comparing the girls. It is describing their physical features,which are opposite because it uses the word ''unlike''

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means big and bulky.

Suffix:-y, relating to or filled with; Other words:messy,cheesy,lucky


Annemarie thought with contempt. (3)

she is ashamed and contempt is a feeling.This word is describing a person and how they're feeling.She is feeling dishonored and worthless.



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