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Home Life

Women's Homelife in the 1930s

People believe the women belonged at home, and not at a workplace. Women clearly just stay at home and cleans the house, takes care of kids, and cook.

Women in the 1930s

As you can clearly see this young women is at home cooking for her family. She can't apply for any job or earn any money.

Farmers in the 1930s

In the 1930s, many lost their farms and jobs. Therefore, they couldn't provide goods for their families.

Farmers struggling through the Great Depression

Families that lived in rural areas in the 1920s most likely didn't have a home. Adults lost their jobs and they couldn't afford a house.

Leisure Time

The Scandalous Flappers of the 1920s

In the 1920s, women had the time of their lives. They danced all night long and drinked. They clearly didn't care what other people think.

How farmers entertained themselves

Many farmers has to entertain themselves with other neighbors by them. They would play cards and make their own music.

King Kong entertainment

In the 1930s, movies became really popular. Especially the film called, "King Kong". This movie was created to help American's escape their problems.

How Americans escaped reality

This classic novel written by John Steinbeck set the course for how the tragedy of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression could be captured in art.


Men trying to find jobs

In the early 1930s, many adults were jobless. They simply couldn't afford houses or take care of there families.

Unemployed adults in the 1930s

Men became really desperate for looking a job. They stood outside of stores looking for jobs.

Us Unemployment Rate through 1929-1943

As you can clearly see, in 1932 US had a large unemployment rate of 20-25%. Many adults had a very hard time looking for jobs. While companies just laid off workers.
Men had to go to local stores to buy food. But since a lot families didn't have jobs to provide goods for their own families they had to sell some of their own property to earn money. but that became really difficult.

Role of Government

President Roosevelt gave positive hope to all Americans. Before, they were all in shock and they didn't know what to do.

Women giving hope for looking a job

In the early 1930s, women weren't allowed to look for a job. They felt hopeless and they felt they didn't belong in this society. But, when Roosevelt gave those powerful words they had the confidence to go out into the world.

Hoover's Disaster

Many Americans believed that President Hoover was the one that caused all the negative aspects. (People loosing jobs, all the disagreement, etc)

Franklin D. Roosevelt

In the 1930s, Roosevelt was one of the ones that gave Americans hope to move on. People gathered around the radio and listen to his marvelous words, they all trusted him.

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