Charles & Janes

Hi, we are Charles and Janes! Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We hope that by reading this, you will learn a little bit about us and our family.

Ever since we were married in 2008, we have wanted a family of our own. However, after going through several fertility procedures, we found that we are unable to conceive. We decided that adoption would be the best thing for us. We adopted a baby girl three years ago and were actually there for her birth! Our daughter looks forward to being big sister one day, and we hope that you would consider us to raise your baby in our loving and caring home.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this. You are brave and courageous for helping us become a bigger family, and we certainly admire you for the sacrifice you are making on your child's behalf.

About Us

We met at a BBQ of a mutual friend on St Patrick’s Day in 2007. It was a fix-up date, but Janes didn't know it. She still laughs about not wearing any makeup on that day. We had so much in common from childhood that we hit it off right away. Fifteen months later, we were married in July of 2008.

Three years ago, our daughter Becca came into our life. She came to us through adoption, and we were able to be there for her birth. We got the phone call on April 1st and thought it was an April fool's joke!

Becca is always talking about how she wants a baby brother or sister. She takes care of her baby doll pretending that it is her precious baby sibling. We have a big back yard where we like to play with Becca. We imagine how that yard will sound with the laughter of not just one child, but two.


Janes grew up in a small town, on a farm. She loved playing with her twin sister, and they had the run of the entire place! Janes' enjoyed playing with her sister in the forests around the farm, where they built their own play home out of logs and rocks.

Janes' family farm had cattle, ponies, pigs, cats, dogs, and chickens. She liked the peacefulness of the country and the sounds of crickets and owls, not traffic and other urban sounds. Janes would love to share that same experience with another child.

Janes is now a teacher, something she has wanted to be since she was young. Her mom, aunts, and cousins are all teachers too, so it must run in the family. The best part of her job is seeing a child's face light up when they learn something new.

At home, we have a big garden and fruit trees. Janes loves making preserves from the fruit we grow, which she learned from her mother. She make preserves from strawberries, peaches, rhubarb, and cherries.


Charles grew up in a small, rural farming community. Growing up, he worked for a nearby farmer and that work led him to the career he has today. Charles enjoys the rural lifestyle and being able to hunt dove, pheasant, quail and waterfowl in the fall. He gives the birds he hunts to his friends because that's what they eat for the winter, and he's happy to help in that way.

Charles also loves to fish. There are several nice creeks nearby and he enjoys being out in nature, waiting to get a bite. Charles also goes up to the lake with his brother and enjoys spending time with him, fishing and catching up.

Around the house, Charlies is "Mr. Fix it." He moves fences, cuts the grass and grills, quite a bit. He shovels the snow to the grill, so he can use it during the winter. He also enjoys smoking meats, mostly pork and beef. Charles looks forward to sharing his love for the outdoors with a child.

Our Home

We live in a nice tri-level home, in a very quiet neighborhood on the edge of our town. We have a nice family room and toy room for the children on the first level, and upstairs we already have a bedroom made up for another child. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Janes bakes cakes, bread and cinnamon rolls, and Charlie does most of the dinner meals, especially in the winter when he gets off early from work. We have a nice deck in the back yard. We enjoy eating dinner out back, where Becca blows her bubbles and Charlie grills.

We also have our garden out back, which Becca and Charlie planted. We grow green beans, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and yellow squash. Becca even has her own cherry tomato plant. It will be so nice to share our love for gardening with another child.

Within a block from our home, there is a baseball diamond and a recreation center. There are also good schools nearby and several parks with playgrounds.


Becca was due on April 14th. On April 1st at 5:00 AM we got the call to get to Kansas City, Becca’s birth mom was in labor. The night before we had been shopping for the car seat and other supplies never expecting to need them the next day!

Becca has an independent streak! She likes swimming and gymnastics. She also likes to help mommy around the house, folding laundry or doing dishes. She loves it when we read her books and is very into the Bernstein Bears collection. Right now, she also likes the books, New Baby, and The Messy Room. Becca loves listening to music and singing and this spring she sang Jesus Loves Me to our church congregation.

We have a semi-open adoption with Becca's birthmother. We send updates and know that it is so important to keep up with that especially around the holidays. Becca is so excited to be a big sister, and we are equally excited to welcome a new child into our home and a new birthmother into our lives.

Our Family

Our family is very close knit, and we get together throughout the year for holidays and birthdays. In addition to Janes' twin sister, she also has an older sister who lives nearby and her parent's farm is in the same community where we live. Charlie is the 4th of 5 children, and his parents live an hour away. He also has a brother and sister who also love an hour away and a brother who lives in Kansas City. His oldest sister lives in Southern Florida.

Becca is the 8th grandchild. When you consider all of the nieces, nephews, and grandkids, it's not uncommon for there to be 25 people at our house when we all get together. Since our families get along so well together, we have a huge party each year for the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The entire family pitches in for these events, and we have so much fun being together. Everyone is excited for another child to join in on the festivities.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile, and thank you for bringing this beautiful baby into the world. We cannot wait to be parents to another child. We dream of it every day, and look forward to sharing our love.

We promise to give your baby everything our family has to offer---love, acceptance and nurturing, a good education and so much more. We are open to having any sort of relationship that suits your comfort level. Regardless of the level of openness that you prefer, we will always remind the child of the amazing sacrifice that their mother made for them so that they could live the best life possible.

We wish you all the love and luck as you sort out what is right for you and your baby.

For information regarding our adoption journey, or to get to know us better, contact Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas at 620-792-1393 or 620-227-1562

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