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A blog is an informational website which is world wide published consisting of discrete and personal information. It is often built in an informal diary-style where “bloggers” explain their personal experience or share their lifestyle to inspire others. Posts are typically displayed chronologically, that aspect s very useful to follow the author’s routine and life.

Contact main influencers ( Chiara Ferragni, Aspyn Ovard, Giaro Giarratana) and offer them two nights stand for two persons with the condition that they post at least 5 picture in our hotel installations. We will offer them the best services so they can promote the perfect image of our resorts and transmit our values. That could then be seen as a collaboration where we give the service for free in exchange for a free acquisition of a promotion platform.


Microblogging is a broadcast medium utilized to communicate in a short form. The short amount for words available to use is the central fact that differentiates microblogging from regular.

Microblogging has a great influence over young and elder people, especially due to the arrival of Twitter, the leading social media microblog. Twitter as the main microblog social media is a great source of marketing communication, thanks to its possibility to tweet in short ways, which makes the content more catching and substantial. Twitter also allows the company to share content such as images and videos with could make our company even more eye-catching for the public.

The possibility to ampliphy our campaign, both, by advertising on twitter under our own name and by paying microblogging stars to advertisement. In order to catch the attention of followers of media stars we could invite the most influencers ones to our hotels in change of publicity on their networks.


Social tagging is the concept created by social media through the main words and concepts look up on the web. This keywords are the ones that differentiate and categorize concepts throughout social platforms.

This social tagging can mainly be used to encourage people to share their experience on the hotels by using a hashtag that could improve the hotels position on the internet and be the main searched words. We could also create contests using specific tags where people around globe need to post a picture of them in one of our resorts, where they could win a 2 night stay in one of our hotels.


A podcast is a serie of digital media files which are listened by users and can be followed episode by episode.

We could create a podcast area in our main website where podcast promoting our discounts, offers would be uploaded weekly. But focusing, mainly, on general advertisement of our brands and the main destinations they could travel to.


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