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Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll most known as Shakira, is a Colombian musician born in Barranquilla Columbia on February 2, 1977, who achieved success in both the Spanish and English speaking markets. By the early 2000's she was on of the most successful Latin American recording artist.
What are some of her accomplishments? She released her first album "Magia" at the age of 14. She began her journey when her album ‘Pies Descalzos’ of 1996 became number one in eight different countries. in 2001 her album won a Grammy award for "Laundry Service" the best Latin pop album. It also sold over 13 million copies worldwide.
Power and Authority: Although some don't see Shakira as what some would say as powerful, she does hold authority by being the most successful Colombian female artist. Shakira is also one of the founders and ambassadors of the ALAS Foundation. It is a foundation for Latin American children living in poverty
Cultural Interaction: Shakira is Latin American yet many of us know of her and love her music. That right there is already cultural interaction. She signs in both Colombian and English. She has many albums for Spanish and English listeners.
"Fame isolates people from reality. That happens to many artist, and I don't want it to happen to me." - Shakria. This quote shows that she believes in staying true to herself and not getting caught in the fact that she is famous and well known. She doesn't want to think shes better then anyone.

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