Meybeline Blizzard

How to be prepared for a blizzard

You would need a flash light and extra battery

Need extra food and water

First aid suppiles

Have heat fuel

Find a shelter

Cover your body

Cover your window at the night

1/4 of a miles an longer period of time

There can be a winter storm

Blowing snow and wind

Havy stom

35 miles per hours (mph)

(Longer than 3 hours )( bad severe)


A winter storm means that a storm is coming

Might make a warning depend how bad it is

Blowing snow and wind

A wind chill is not actual temperature but it feels like it

Hypo means its low and thermistor means tempter

How to be ready for storm

Be sure you are properly prepar and have emergency supplies

Ice storm has heavy dameges

Stop the flooding

Things you are not to do

Don't eat snow it will lower your body temperature


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