IT Discovery Day 2018 FC61

FC61 is a local football club based in Luton and is so named due to being formed in 1961. It is based in quite a deprived area, where youths have somewhat "time on their hands" and don't also use their energy in the right way! many times the football club has been the subject of minor vandalism & graffiti. However, it is also been the subject of arson - as highlighted on the right. All, in all, the club house & grounds were in need of some Tender Loving Care.

Bring in the TUI IT Discovery Team!

As the photos show below a lot of graffiti adorned the club

Graffiti strewn walls

The team started to rock up about 9am for a 9.30 start. The lovely people at the club put on some lovely breakfast for us!

After breakfast we had to sign the obligatory Health & Safety form...

and then the lovely Deniece from Luton Volunteer Services gave us our pep talk

Let the pep talk commence!

We were all very attentive!

Some of us were a bit scared of Deniece and peeped around the corner!

....And some of us were a bit of "Let's just get on with it!"

They even put out a special message for us:

And then we were introduced to Richard who was the Club Secretary

The team were shown around the clubhouse and grounds as to what needed to be done

There were 3 areas that needed a makeover. The first was the Clubhouse itself.

FC61 Clubhouse

The second was the spectator stand

Let's Make a Stand!

And the third was the Away Team dressing room

It seemed that the club had got a dressing down....

After the team had discussed how to tackle the work, the team finally got down to do some hard work...

Adam and his friends decided to tackle the grounds itself, doing a bit of gardening and path-work.....

Adam looking like an advert at the back of Gardener's World Magazine!

Some worked on painting the clubhouse...

Painting the town red (& blue!)

Some worked on the stand....

And, of course, the dressing room got dressed up...

Of course some people just wanted to muck about...

Honestly, some people

...at least Richard was starting to look happy!

But still work to do!

It was getting to be to much for the Graduates...

Phew! This is hard work!

Just because....

However, all the hard work paid off...

After a long day the team started to pack up

Well done team TUI!

One small step...
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Andy Parrott

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