Leslie Knope By Casey Walsh

Leslie Barbara Knope

On a beautiful day in Clemson, South Carolina, a Miss Leslie Knope magical finds her self transplanted. After a bit of wandering around she figures out she is on a college campus and her safest option is to change her clothing in order to fit in with the youth culture.

" it's what all the kids these days are wearing"-Knope

After a couple of hours Leslie runs in to life long friend, Casey, as she was wandering the hallways of Lehotsky. Casey suggested Leslie join her for lunch because Leslie seemed a bit "hangry". After some much needed lunch and catching up the two friends parted because Casey was still a student and needed to attend her classes, so Leslie continued on alone.

Leslie and Casey at Lunch, eating Leslie's Favorite meal of Waffles.

On a mission Leslie needed to get to the bottom of why and how she got transplanted on Clemson's campus. However, she felt the presence of a focus that kept pulling to the engineering building. She tried to fight this force but it was no use so she went with the flow because she felt that this could be a way to help answer her questions.

GEOTAG: Engineering Building @ Clemson University, Clemson, SC.

As Leslie got in to the building she was approached by the to nerdy looking research students


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