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Arctic Apples

Arctic apples or nonbrowning apples where created by eliminating the gene that makes PPO ( the enzyme that causes apples to brown when the cell is ruptured).

Arctic apples where created by Okanagan Specialty Fruit company. They wanted to make an apple that lasted longer without browning. They also thought it would make apple consumption go up by making them more appealing and reducing waste.


  • Cheaper food
  • More food
  • Food last longer/ less waste


  • Unknown allergies
  • We still don't know the long term effect
  • Could put small farmers out of buisness

More Info

My stance on GMOs

I don't think we should be using GMOs.We don't know the effect on our body. It may turn out that in the future it is very bad for us. Until further research is done I don't think we should use them.


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