Independence Day Photographers Style

Fourth of July weekend, the celebration of our independence from England. When we became the United States Of America. If tou think about it, that is awesome. We should never forget what our ancestors went through to become this great nation..

Fireworks are loved around the world

As Proud Americans we all have different ways of celebrating our freedoms in the U.S.A. Some go camping, most throw a party with some good eats and conversation. Fireworks are always a huge part of this holiday across the nation. As for me I have always caught my fireworks at a race track somewhere in upstate NY.

Growing up we spent a good part of the weekend at a dirt track. Local trackers would put Ipoh a special show along with a fantastic fireworks display by "Three fingers" Mortikie Brown. 😎 As soon as the feature event was over the lights would dim and you would hear that first Thump, followed by a big Booooom. We would sit back and enjoy the show.

Love the colors

Now days I still go to the races on the 4th weekend, but I also go and cover these tradional events and share them with my readers. This year I was lucky enough to make it to two different events. Saturday a friend of mine and myself made a trip to the Port Royal Speedway for some 410 Sprint car action. Then after a few hours of sleep my son and his wife joined me at Empier Dragway for some ground pounding 1/8 mile drag races.

Battling coming out of turn four
Ford Running the 1/8 th

Port Royal was hosting the second to last race of PA's week long Speedweek that my friend and I started last Saturday at the Lincoln Speedway. Along with the sprint cars we also had extreme late models in action at the fast 1/2 mile called " The Speed Palace". The weather was great and so was the action on the speedway.

They dart and dive on the long straights at the Port

I brought along all of my Fuji camera gear, because at Port Royal we can get real close to the racing surface. This makes for great shots, both in the daylight as well as under the lights. As always my Fuji gear worked great, and I was able to capture the nights action.

Close racing in the Latemodel division all night long

Picking the left front

Tons of bite

Lucas Wolfe battled his way to the lead and then to a crowd approved win in the 30 lap sprint car feature. The race went flag to flag no cautions. This made it tough to keep up, with the battling going on through out the field. Looking at the race through a view finder is not the best way to watch a race. When I process them the next day I get to enjoy the race again on my computer screen. I enjoy seeing things that I forgot about, or just didn't really see when it happened.

Lucas Wolfe
The feature winner

We did not stay for the fireworks because we had a four hour ride home. That's ok I have seen a ton of fire works so far in my life. Maybe next time.

I finally crawled into bed around. 3:30 am (yes I know I'm not 18 anymore), but it was worth it. Around 7:45 Sunday morning I hit the shower to get ready to go see the Street outlaw Guys at Empire Dragway, about 2 1/2 hrs away. I packed up my gear again and off we went. With a couple cups of coffee in me we made it to Empire around 11:45 or so. The place was Packed, I mean this place was happening.

Full house on a beautiful day in Western NY

Long ,lines all day around the Street Outlaw Cars

"Daddy Dave", "Boosted GT", "Kamakazie", and " Larry Larson" we're on hand for the days event. Boosted had car troubles, and I didn't see Kamakazie make a run, so I'm not sure what happened there. Dave and Larry made some runs which made the crowd excited for sure.

Daddy Dave
Larry Larson

It was cool. To see these guys up close, but the Pro mods and bracket cars put on a much better show. The Pro mods ran in the low 4's at almost 200mph. These guys get it on.

Pink Pontiac

Old a Glory Vette

Twin Turbo Chevelle

One Wild SS

Fast Chevy

Blown Vette

Over 9000 spectators paid to see the Street Outlaw guys. This is just crazy how much we love our TV starts in America. Empire puts on a great show every week, but they never have this kind of crowd on hand. I guess if you take the chance and pay for some big names, the fans will support you. I wish more promoters would take the chance like this.

Daddy Dave signs autographs

I haven't been to a Drag race with this many fans since Maple Grove a few years back. We had a great time Sunday smelling rubber, and sticking our fingers in our ears. Ha ha wow those pro mods are Loud.

I can't forget the other classes that filled the lanes all day long. These cars are the best. Old cool cars that are fast n loud. It doesnt get any better than this.

55 Chevy

440 Dart

460 ThunderBolt

Grocery Getter Wagon

G Body


COPO Camaro

Got to love the Pontiacs

What else can I say

Wheels up Wagon

See what I mean? These things are the best. So much history,and character to these machines. Get out to a Drag strip this summer. Support the tracks, and drivers. I promise you will love it.

Thanks for stopping by,

I will see you at the track


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