Chloe Lu Social media community builder

A little about me

Social Media Strategist | Content Writer | Brand Ambassador | Customer Service

I am a fast learner seeking to develop skills in content writing and social media marketing in a direct to consumer e-commerce industry.

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Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration

Concentration in Marketing

California State University, Fullerton

Graduated December 2019

Relevant Coursework

Developing Marketing Strategies

Buyer Behavior

Marketing Info Technology

Digital Marketing

Marketing Research Methods

Marketing for Entrepreneurs


Customer Service/Social Media Community Builder


May 2018-Present

BAIT is a D2C, e-commerce and brick and mortar, fashion-forward boutique company. BAIT has a unique limited license of major brands to leverage their brand on BAIT products, including Nike, Marvel, Puma, and 10deep.

  • Gained knowledge of the fashion industry in terms of quality management and consumer trends specifically in haute streetwear.
  • Built and manages 250-person personal client database and corporate representative relations.
  • Manage inventory check-ins, shipments, special releases, and gained skills in LightSpeed Retailer and MARS.

Brand Ambassador/Freelance Social Media Strategist

Beta Lashes

June 2019-Present

Beta Lashes is a start-up false lashes company specializing in cruelty-free, faux mink lashes based in Diamond Bar, CA.

  • Produce content used directly on the Beta Lashes Instagram page, such as promotional posts targeting specific demographics.
  • Strategized promotional programs with director to build brand awareness and boosted initial sales by 20%.

Social Media Marketing Intern


January 2020-February 2020

HIDEOUT is a start-up company based in Los Angeles that specializes in launching food concepts through delivery services. I worked specifically on "Ijuu the Strange Beast" food brand that launched in late December of 2019.

  • Managed the Influencer Outreach Program by connecting with at least seven influencers per week and organizing scheduled deliveries for promotional posts.
  • Expanded the "Ijuu the Strange Beast" Instagram page by 500 followers within three weeks.
  • Organized photoshoots to produce content used in Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Created slogans and written content used in posts and deliveries.

Journalism Intern


April 2020-July 2020

KORELIMITED is a Korean-American fashion brand that is merging the barrier between the two cultures. This brand focuses on both educating their consumers on the cultural aspects of Korea by incorporating it into their product design and celebrating the Korean lifestyle.

  • Wrote content for their blog posts based on their themes for the week, either fashion or culture related. Minimum 2 posts a week.
  • Gathered and created visuals that were aesthetically pleasing with the content of the blog.
  • Wrote posts that marketed specific products directly, such as their mask hoodies and face masks.
  • Communicated remotely with supervisors due to the COVID-19 impact.

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • Customer relations
  • Sales
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation

Examples of work

Client Consultant Case for Marketing for Entrepreneurs -  Spring 2019

Conducted a strategic analysis for client, Work/Life English, and produced a thorough marketing plan to be implemented. Team covered a general target market analysis, surveying feedback from customers, competitor analysis, SEO analysis, and a social media marketing strategic plan. I focused on the Target Market of the client and created alternatives that would allow the client to better reach these demographics.

Subcultures: Marvel Fanbase - Spring 2019

Analyzed a subculture to determine their motivations in purchasing behavior. Considered different aspects of the Marvel fanbase and identified their buyer behavior based on applying consumer psychology on the group's characteristics.

Blog on Marketing Trends within the Haute Streetwear Industry- Fall 2019

Created blog content dissecting marketing tools in the fashion industry. Each post is related to a different event in the haute streetwear market and identifies tools used in the marketing campaign, specifically in digital marketing.


Created with images by Lance Anderson - "untitled image" • Jeremy Yap - "White ceiling architecture" • Lance Anderson - "untitled image" • Joel Filipe - "untitled image" • Luca Bravo - "ELNÒS Shopping mall pattern" • Christian Perner - "untitled image" • Scott Webb - "I’m really beginning to love the architecture in my city. This building at Western University is by aTRR. Lots of beauties on the campus now and others in the process. Get excited! I’ll be a broken record here: I want to showcase the beautiful new architecture in London."