Digital Photo Class BY:Maria Ramos 2017

For this photo i had to make four copy of the original then i had to make it 8 by 10 so i could see the whole photo and the i made it look like this.

NYK City in it`s won way

The mean focus on this photo was the back but it did not work. I like the way my photo come out because the rain has it own beauty even tho we can not see it, it is there because the rain has it own way to be cute.

The rain has ti`s own beauty

This photo i was trying to focus on the on the part the pulls the car up and the back of this was not looking good at first so i had to take more photos and then it came out the way i wanted to came out. For this photo i wanted it to look like a game but at the same time i wanted it to look like a project the kids made just for fun .

what kids do for fun

For this photo i used a bracelet because the bracelet was going to look good. The color the floor and the bracelet do not stick so I decided to focus on the floor more of then bracelet focusing on the bracelet.

Colors of the word

The mean focus of this photo was the tree but i was trying to get the water and the sky. The reflection of the sky,trees and the rest of the thing the are in the picture was something the i was trying to get in my photo the colors was another thing the was really pretty and i like the way the sky look.The way i took the photo was not the best and it was because i was in a bus so i had to be fast but the photo it self is a good photo i could of done way better but i did not. I know the i can do a better job on the photo but i do wanted to fix it but i did not fix it because this is a way for me to know for next time i can take a better photo.

The beuty of the sun

For my photo i had to work whit it because this photo give me a bit of problem because some of the thing you could not see them and some of the thing you could see them more then the rest.This photo has a lot of objects and i had to make my own way so i could see everything because i wanted the photo to look nice, so i could see everything on my photo.

NYC in action

For this project i took tree photos and then i put all this of them together and i use the rule of third,run off and symmetry for my photos i had a lot to do because i had photos the my dog was not my mane focus on all of the photos.The photos on this project were photos of my dog but the mean focus of the first photo was the nose of my dog because that is how rule of third works the object dose not have to be the mean focus of the photo.The second photo the was run off i had my mother taking the photo because the dog was running from me ans i trying to focus on the dog but my mother was focusing more on me the the dog my mother was helping me whit some of the photos.The third photo was i was focusing on the center of my mother and my dog because i wanted both of them in the photo because my mother was helping me whit my photos.

Spike project

Hello my name is Maria Ramos and i am a Digital photography student at Oxford high.I play volleyball and i want to be a FBI agent and on my free time in want to take photos of animals, people and more.I love to make new friends and i love my family. My friends are more then what people call friends they are my other family because they play sports whit me and i love to take Photos that is one of the things the i love to do the most.The most important thing in life is to learn new things and not give up on yourself.

The differences of a Sea Shell and a Bird

My sea shell was no the center of my photo as well as the bird photo the focus of my sea shell was the "table".The sea shell photo dose not have as much colors as the bird photo the sea shells background has only tow colors gray and black and then you could see the colors of the sea shell wish are green, yellow & brown. On the bird photo you could see the background colors wish are green yellow & brown and then u could see the colors of the bird wish are brown, white, yellow & black.On the bird photo u can see the the bird is not on the center of the photo.


Created with images by Alan Cleaver - "Rule of thirds"

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