Hawaii august 2015

Day 1

Flew from Charlotte to Honolulu via Chicago, good flight! Upgraded to first class. Surprise for Birthdays !

Boarded Pride of America on Oahu around 3 PM! Getting ready to set sail
Hurricanes were coming our way so the captain decided to reverse our itinerary. Had to call rental car folks and redo our reservations.

Day 2


Good Morning Kauai !!!!

The next morning we woke up in Kauai! Ate breakfast and headed to our rental car for our day adventure!

Kauai has one main road that goes around the island except for the The Nā Pali Coast. It is accessible only by air or boat. It's the scene that the plane flew over in the TV show Fantasy Island.

When we left Kauai our boat sailed around the Na Pali Coast, but the weather was not cooperative to see it's beauty

Headed toward Princeville. Cloudy day

Kilauea Lighthouse GORGEOUS !

Rice Fields

All This before Lunch!

Headed South toward Waimea Canyon

(Grand Canyon of the South)

Day 3


Coffee Fields Start of an Adventure

Real Deal, Hawaiian Ice

Wanted to save 25 miles to see Blow Hole at Spouting Horn Park GPS took us on dirt road through the coffee plantation!

Roads looked pretty good at first

Wild Pigs wandering in the coffee plants

Roads got worse

Google Satellite View

Coffee Fields along coast

Glad it's a rental!!!

All of a sudden we were beside a Sea Side Golf Course!

But, Oh no! A locked gate. We can't go back! So Dale took off the hinges!😳

We finally made it!

Black Sand Beaches just enjoying Gods Canvas

Day 4


Not a normal day for this cruise. Due to the hurricane the iteneriary changed. Sailed npby the Na Pali Coast on to the Big Island. God even showed us a rainbow!

Leaving Kauai

Day 5

Hawaii the Big Island

We dodging the storm. Updates in lobby all the time

Thought that was funny!

Rainbow Falls Hilo Hawaii

Rainbow Falls

Orchid Trees

Apple Bananas they are so sweet

Rambutan, also known as Lychee or “Longan” (translating to “Dragon Eye“) this sweet fruit comes in many shapes and colors. The most recognizable are round, covered in soft hair-like spikes and bright scarlet. While seemingly uninviting, the inside offers a sweet and subtle white flesh, reminiscent of grapes.

Helicopter over Active Volcano

Ride of a lifetime!

Due the the hurricane and Change in route, we missed a stop on the other side of the Big Island to Kona.

Day 6


Our niece lives on Maui and we had a wonderful two days with her! What a joy!

Day One in Maui Hana Highway and beyond

Hana Highway

Missy Peggy and Leah

Beyond the Hana Highwayj missy said this landscape was usually brown. But due to all the rain it looked like Ireland.

Day 7


Day 2 Drive on Maui to Haleakala Volcano 10,000 feet

Headed to Haleakala or the East Maui Volcano, is a massive shield volcano that forms more than 75% of the Hawaiian Island of Maui. The western 25% of the island is formed by another volcano, Mauna Kahalawai, also referred to as the West Maui Mountains.

The tallest peak of Haleakala ("house of the sun"), at 10,023 feet From the summit one looks down into a massive depression some 7 mi across 2 mi wide.

Missy took us to the Hotel she works at. Pretty amazing!

Favorite destination for boaters off Maui

Day 8

Back to Oahu

Three Days After Cruise

Pearl Harbor

Really a moving place no trip to Hawaii should miss this

USS Missouri Be sure to go on this and explore the history

you can see USS Arizona under the water with oil still leaking out!

see the oil in the water leaking after 75 years!

Pearl Harbor Survivor

Checked into our VRBO apt for 3 days at the NW end of the island. Found out that most dwellings in Hawaii do not have AC!! Miserably hot. Missy said it was because the hurricane sucked all the trade winds away. We were about a mile from the ocean. Nice place, but HOT

less than a mile from our condo

Dole Pineapple Plantation Its beautiful, but touristy. Have to ride train and still didn't see pineapple fields

Rainbow Trees!

Fun on the Pineapple Train with not pineapples!

Snail on a plant he was huge

Best Part of the Dole Plantation was the pineapple frozen treats

Scenes around the North Shore
Hilo Hatees, Waikiki, Last Breakfast before Boarding Plane for Home
Picture from Internet showing the Hawaiian Islands! Volcanos rising from the sea


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