Cubism By: Mitch Elliott

Cubism is a movement in which the background and foreground are seemingly blended together along with the different perspective of open forms

Started in 1907 - Ended in 1922

Artists: pablo picasso, Jacques Lipchitz, Jean Metzinger

Pablo Picasso

Born: October 25, 1881 - Malaga, Spain ________ Died: April 8, 1973 - Mougins, France
He would often visit Madrid to look at art and would later move to Barcelona because of his father's job, where he decided to continue his art education.

People influenced: Arshile Gorky & Willem de Koodning

Friends: Clement Greenberg & Georges Braque

Movement inspired: Surrealism

Jacques Lipchitz

Born: August 22, 1891 - Druskininkai, Lithuania _____ Died: May 16, 1973 - Capri, Italy
Druskininkai, Lithuania

Moved to paris in 1908, Became a French citizen, then moved to New York as the Nazi's came around as he was Jewish.


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